Joe Cato, 1912
Cato built this first stunt plane for Rusty Bounds, 1915-1916.
Courtesy of Phyllis Cato Ferguson

What? New Members!

     Filip A. Bjorklund, is born at an early age in Sweden, ie, December 6, 1886. (The EBs may move without telling the postmaster but they are frank enough with their ages.) At any rate, he rushes off to Hendon in 1913 and starts flying. In February of 1914 he has his Brisith FAI certificate 732, based on a performance in a Graham White "Farman," and then participates in London's Aerial Derby of that year.
     After further flying in Denmark he burst upon the United States and becomes test pilot and instructor for the Gallaudet brothers.
     In 1916 he is an instructor at Governors Island for the "Governors Island Training Camp," organized by Philip A. Carroll. Other Early Bird graduates here were; the Late Charles Reed, Stedman S. Hanks, Cord Meyer and Edwin M. Post.
     In January 1917, he was a civilian instructor at the Signal Corps Aviation Station, Mineola,............ ..berry, Kilner, Fitzgerald and Rader. He is in fast company here---there are Bert Acosta, "Doc" Allan, "Tex" Millman, Leonard Bonney, Al. Johnson, W. H. Bleakley, Clearton H. Reynolds, "Rusty" Bounds and other Civilian instructors. Officer-instructors at this time are EB Ivan P. Wheaton, 1/Lt. N.Y.N.G.; and Clearton H. Reynolds, 1/Lt. AS, SORC.
     Bjorklund leaves Army employment in November, 1918 and begins a period of barnstorming and operating flying services in New York throught 1919 added up some 4000 air hours. He is now a civil engineer.
courtesy of Steve Remington - CollectAir

The date of Rusty Bounds' death is unknown.
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