Joe Cato, 1912
  3/4 view of the Cato ball Bearing Light Plane motor. There was not a plain bearing in this entire motor. This motor is 5" lo?? x 6" stroke. developes 72 H.P. and weight was 133 lbs. it was the largest bore air-cooled motor to successfully fly a plane in the day and to keep cool. the cyl. head design of this motor has set a standard for all air-cooled motors in use today.
text on back of photo by J. L. Cato, 1919
Courtesy of Phyllis Cato Ferguson

Cato at Marlin-Rockwell Corp.

December 1918 to June 1919.
     Employed by Marlin-Rockwell Corp. to develop a small sporting monoplane and the Cato 72 H.P. all ball-bearing air-cooled engine. This plane and motor were completed in less than 150 days, reports show several hundred hours in the air, without any changes in the plane or motor after my first design was made on the board.
Text by J. L. Cato
Courtesy of Phyllis Cato Ferguson

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