A. Livingston Allan
Bamberger & Company of Newark, N. J., have employed Pilot A. Livingston for their
Curtiss JN-4D delivery aeroplane

from Bits of Aviation History

     If you search for "A. Livingston Allan", using the Google search engine, (10-6-07), you will find about six links, including one to this page.

Aeroplane Delivery for Bamberger Co.
     This page on the Bits of Aviation History website, offers a very interesting story which was found and digitized from his collection of magazines by the owner of the site. The first paragraph introduces the story in this manner:

"The first sale of an aeroplane for use in delivering merchandise to suburban customers has been made by the Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Corporation to L. Bamberger & Company, in Newark, N. J. Within the next few weeks the company will inaugurate a regular aeroplane delivery service between their main store in Newark and the Oranges, Montclair, Trenton and Asbury Park. They will use a Curtiss JN-4D training plane with an especially constructed body for package carrying."

     Farther along in the article, it is mentioned that A. Livingston Allan has been retained as the pilot of the plane. You can access the entire story, which includes a photograph of the JN-4 which was used in the service, but clicking on the title above.
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