by Jean Gautier
It is in Brunoy that, August 26, 1881, is born Emile Eugene Aubrun.
Birth certificate on August 26, 1881. Emile Eugene Aubrun is written:
"born yesterday at 5 P.M., at its grandfather maternal named hereafter, remaining which occurred legitimate Portalis, son of Narcisse Eugene Aubrun àgé 38 years, trader, and of Berthe Lecuyer his 24 year old wife, without profession, live Paris street of Aboukir No 21. ......................................
March 23, one inaugurates the airport of Lugano Villa, These about fifteen aviation had been organized by the aviators and the Argentinian flying-club.
The public is dissatisfied: Only Aubrun and Pequet presented the aeroplanes.
Different tests were proposed.
Here the results of Emile Aubrun:

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