Bach Trimotor
Kreutzer Air Coach - X-612
Photo & comment from Tsgt. David J. Loeffler, 8-21-07
"I am archiving some historic images and came across this one. The back had written by hand "Bach Tri motor - only one built". Thought you might enjoy.".

Kreutzer Air Coach - X-612
email from Greg Herrick, 9-7-07
Hello Ralph.
     The aircraft you have pictured is indeed the very one I have now. It was continually improved and upgraded and was thus, at one time or another, all of the Kreutzer models built. Note the "X-612" on the tail. 612 is my aircraft but I had to re-register it as 612X because some helicopter got the number when the aircraft was resting on a mountain side in Mexico for 50 years or so!
     Attached is a copy of an Kreutzer stock certificate. If you use it, please credit the person who gave it to me: David W. Oberst. Also, I am sending you a little booklet I wrote about the aircraft.
All the best,
Kreutzer Air Coach - X-612
Identification by Rob Bach, 9-3-07
     This is probably a Kreutzer Air Coach (I believe...I'll confirm it a bit later). The Kreutzer Brothers were friends of Mort and worked out of the same airfield with him for a time.
     So despite the handwritten note on the back, it is incorrect. I have pictures of every airplane Mort built from age 19 onward and have learned to see his hand in things. That sense of dutiful design isn't there in the Kreutzer.
     There is a flying Kreutzer in Minnesota, by the way, owned by Greg Herrick.

Kreutzer Stock Certificate
Collection of David W. Oberst.
Courtesy of Greg Herrick, 9-7-07

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Joseph Kreutzer Corp,
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