Service Sunday Afternoon Will
Honor Memory of City's First
Son to Lose Life in World War
       Realizing that hundreds of Fort Collins people, grief-stricken over the tragic death of George A. Beach, first son of Fort Collins to lose his life in the great war against autocracy, would appreciate some form of memorial service in honor of the dead hero; members of the Commercial club were not slow in acting Tuesday on a suggestion that such a service be held, for not less than a score proposed such a step. The service will be all the more justified thru the fact that conditions made it imperative that Beach's body be buried in Italy, thus making a formal funeral service here impossible.
     Tuesday evening it was announced that arrangements for the memorial have been placed in the hands of a committee consisting of Goff Schureman, Prof. Alex Emslie and W. P. Hurley. It is proposed to hold the memorial on Sunday afternoon in the college auditorium, and more detailed announcement as to the exact hour and the program will be available tomorrow.
     Musicians, ministers and those gifted with the power of s;peaking in public stand as a unit, ready to do their part in this service. The committee has but to command them. Meanwhile the people of the city may count on such a service being held Sunday afternoon, and may make their plans accordingly.

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