City Commissioners Take Special
Recognition of Death of George
A. Beach
       The commissioners of the City of Fort Collins, have caused to be spread upon the records of the city the following resolution, and urge that their request contained therein--that flags be at half-mast in this city for the remainder of the month--be complied with by everyone. The resolution follows.
     Whereas, the City Council has been advised this day of the death of Aviation Cadet George A. Beach of the American Air Service, who was instantaneously killed in an aerial collision on January 20th, 1918, while in Italy; and,
     Whereas, He was one of the first to respond to his country's call for service abroad in the air service, and because of his record in the city of his birth and in the service of his country, the City Commissioners of the City of Fort Collins deem it not only apprpiate but fitting that recognitions should be given by the representatives of the people for this distinction and service, and also that the Council should extend to the members of his family surviving the deepest sympathy of this community in their hour of grief, and as a further recognition, that all flags flying in the city be flown at half-mast until 12 o'clock noon on January 30th, 1918.
     That this memorial be spread upon the records of the City Council and copies thereof furnished to the press of the city and to the families of the deceased.

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