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Garros flies beautifully at Livorno, but is
stopped by a breakdown in Castagneto

Frey arrives unhappily in San Rossore

Beaumont takes flight to Rome
and arrives there via Livorno

The public's interest in Paris

By telegraph from Paris, 31

     After the first departures of aviators from the Buc's airdrome, for raid Paris-Rome, editions of major Parisian newspapers follow one another at short intervals of time, bringing details of the flights. In addition, since Garros has passed the public who wish to have news besieges the border newspaper offices.
     The Petit Journal has exhibited in own showcases a large map of the route of the race. On that, small cardboard airplanes, perfectly reproducing the various types, are placed. By them, the positions of various aviators took off are indicated, as the news are coming.
     The struggle so far was between Garros and Beaumont.
     The latter has more sympathy in the audience.
Beaumont is the winner of the first stage, and in addition, he is an officer of the fleet.      The brave officer is ideally followed by the public, and despite the news coming from Nice and Genoa announces Garros have surpassed him, the sympathies remained to Beaumont.
     Meanwhile, it was proposed that the first aviator, who will touch Rome, brings the greeting of the French War Minister to his Italian colleague army general.

The departure of Garros from Pisa

Gentili calls us from St. Rossore (aerodrome), 31, 5.30 a. m.:
     At 3 o'clock Garros has came with commissioners and with reporters in the field of St. Rossore. The weather is beautiful, very calm.
Throughout the night, the mechanics have worked to test the engine, which works beautifully.
Garros has breakfasted and is conversing with those present on the route that will do.
He is worried only about the landing at Orbetello where he has to stock up of gasoline
In Rome, when he will be in sight of St. Peter, he is going to go to the right of the town, to go through the Exhibition and then immediately to fall in Parioli.
     At 4, 30 a.m. Garros goes up his aircraft. It is broad daylight.
     He politely greets all those present and at 4.54 a.m. is launched into the air
     His initial launch is magnificent; he seems to ascend into the sky, higher and higher, growing up.
     When he is at a great height, after oriented he launches like lightning in the direction of Livorno, disappearing quickly from view of all.

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