Floyd Bennett Administration
Floyd Bennett Field
Administration Building

"This is a view of the west side of the administration building and was taken on November 11, 1936"
Photo & caption from Greg Powers, 1-15-05

Floyd Bennett Field Map
Floyd Bennett Field Map
"Here is a map of Floyd Bennett with the names of various aviators who landed there. My uncle is listed as "chief keeper" in the banner. He was asst manager in the early 30s, full manager thereafter."
Photo & caption from Greg Powers, 1-11-05

Major J. Nelson Kelly
Captain Kenneth P. Behr
Major J. Nelson Kelly
Airport Manager
Captain Kenneth P. Behr
Asst. Airport Manager
"On the right as early asst manager (circa 1932)
before he became full manager"

Photo & caption from Greg Powers, 1-11-05

Behr & McKenzie
Kenneth P. Behr - 1936
"A photo of my uncle in his office Sept 9, 1936 with Commissioner of Docks, John McKenzie, in the middle."
Photo & caption from Greg Powers, 1-11-05

Behr & Roscoe Turner
Kenneth Behr & Roscoe Turner
"My uncle and Col Turner flew together in the early 20s (my mother had a photo of them in the cockpit of a Farman mail plane together from the old New York World circa 1920), Possibly in the same flying corps as Turner. My uncle always had Turner over for dinner at my grandmotherís house (my uncle lived with her) in the 20s when my mother was a little girl, recalling Turner as a very colorful dinner guest."
Photo & caption from Greg Powers, 1-11-05

Rudy Arnold
"Rudy Arnold in action."
Photo & caption from Greg Powers, 7-15-06

Harry Richman
Kenneth Behr - Diana Jordanoff - Assen "Jerry" Jordanoff
" I've determined from a cover letter mentioning the photo that the scene was actually Jordanoff's Christmas 1942 party at Jordanoff Aviation Company, 595 Madison Ave., NY."
Photo & caption from Greg Powers, 9-28-06

Douglas Corrigan
That's My Story
Photo & caption from Greg Powers, 1-11-05

Personal recollection from Greg Powers
My uncle always told us this story with a twinkle in his eye: How he had told Corrigan, "I wonít say goodbye, Iíll just say Ďbon voyage," meaning that he knew that Corrigan was going to overfly the Atlantic. (Iím not sure if Corrigan got it.) My uncle thought Corrigan was a little nutty for trying in his old plane but he admired Corrigan just the same for trying, and helped him out by getting him off the field before dawn before anyone tried to stop him. I would have loved to have been at LaGuardia in summer 1988 when Corrigan flew on a 747 to Europe just to shout out, "I wonít say good bye, Iíll just say Ďbon voyage.í"
     To read an excerpt from Corrigan's book, in which is found the conversation between him and Kenneth Behr, click on:

Fleetwing F-5 Seabird
"This photograph was taken on May 6, 1938.
The administration building can be seen in the background."

Photo & caption from Greg Powers, 1-15-05

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