How LaGuardia Got Its Name
New York Journal-American
Sun, Nov. 28, 1954
     The field, acres of it built on ash and rubbish fill that has settled over the years, was christened formally New York Municipal Airport.
     As the Mayor spoke at the christening, three airplanes flew over spelling out the suggestion: "Name It LaGuardia Airport."
     So it was named eventually and it may now be printed for the first time that Ken Behr, former manager of North Beach, was the man who thought it up and got Skywriter Andy Stinis to lay on the mission.
Clipping from Greg Powers, 11-14-06

Kenneth P. Behr.
Kenneth Behr with Charles DeGaulle
"With DeGaulle likely at LaGuardia during the War. My uncle is the second to DeGaulle's left. This is one of those old color photos that has faded, so it has lost some detail.."
Photo & caption from Greg Powers, 7-15-06

Harry Richman
Harry Richman - 1930
"This is definitely Harry Richman at his estate in Florida. Compare it to your Dick Merrill page. Don't you think?"
Photo & caption from Greg Powers, 7-15-06

Wings Club Menu
Wings Club Menu
"October 1, 1958"
Photo & caption from Greg Powers, 7-15-06
Russ Holderman
Pres EB
Beckwith Havens
Leo Stoddard
John J. Curran EB
     Edward R. Boland EB
The Wings Club, Inc.
Kenny Sowalsky
E N Pickerill
          Leo Dallank QB
                                          Arthur N Walsh

Kenneth P. Behr.
Unidentified Aviatrix - 1929
"The next four four photos were found in Ken Behr's collection. If you can help us identify the lady, or any of the other people in the photos, please let us know."
Photo & caption from Greg Powers, 7-15-06
Kenneth P. Behr.
Savoia S-56 - NC380N - 1929
"The registration number on the tail identifies this as a Savoia S-56, also known as an American Marchetti. It was built under license in the US by the American Aeronautical Co, Port Washington NY."
Photo & caption from Greg Powers, 7-15-06
Identification from Aerofiles
Kenneth P. Behr.
Group Photo
"None of these people have been identified. It appears that the male pilot is the same in both pictures. Any help in identifying them would be greatly appreciated."
Photo & caption from Greg Powers, 7-15-06

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