National Airplane Club
        N. A. C. Members Have...
...all the privileges of Private Plane Ownership.
Beginning when you have paid your first $34. flying instruction at very low prices.
...planes on anywhere at about railroad rates. and hunting in otherwise inaccessible places.
...many other Flying Club services and privileges. addition...participation in a going corporation!
Bishop's Notes: I took over the N.A.C.
as Pilot Instructor and Manager - in 1932
Wayne County Airport
Romulus, Mich.

Why The National Airplane Club
Was Formed

A DECADE ago almost everyone said; "Ten years from now, the air will be filled with planes. They will be almost as common as automobiles. People will fly everywhere. The airship will be an accepted means of transportation."
Why has this prophecy not come to pass?
People certainly want to fly. The use of airlines is steadily growing, even with business conditions as they are. People are not afraid to fly. Air travel is given approval by constantly increasing use.
What is the matter, then?
The high cost and inconvenience of flying lessons and plane ownership. That's all.
Thanks to the NATIONAL AIRPLANE CLUB...those obstacles are swept aside for good and all. You are now offered flying privileges... privileges...for so very little that almost everyone who wishes can take his plane into the air.
The prediction of ten years ago is now to be fulfilled.
Watch the air for fast increasing numbers of planes.
THE AVERAGE man does not want to become a professional pilot. He wants to fly with his wife out to a new golf course, out to the lake for a swim...or for some fishing at that isolated but excellent camping ground.
Or he wants to save himself from traffic congestion...dash around his territory in about a third the usual time at half the incidental expense. Flying to him is a sport, a means of travel, a quick, clean method of going from one place to another.
Now he finds that he no longer has to pay $2,000 to $10,000 for a plane...that it no longer costs him $500 to learn to drive a ship and get his pilot's license... that THIRTY-FOUR DOLLARS gives him a ship to use...then the average citizen takes to the air, quick!
The NAC isn't a flying school. It isn't a group-ownership plan. It isn't a club. It is all three. It is an entirely new idea. Nothing like it has ever been don. This is an organization that gives its members, at minimum cost, the same use of an airplane that private ownership provides and no bother. It gives you club privileges. AND IT WILL SAVE YOU A LOT OF MONEY, BESIDES. That is different, isn't it?
       The NAC has been very careful in choosing its planes, to see that they meet its exacting requirements. Our planes all have a well known record of safety and reliability. They are ideal planes for comfortable travel...with good visibility, and since they have low landing speed, and require only a short run, they can be set down on many sites which have not been available until recently. They are all new and licensed by the Aeronautics Division of the United States Department of Commerce.  
  In addition, there will be planes of higher power and greater seating capacity for longer trips...and amphibians for those desiring them when the demand warrants their inclusion in NAC equipment  
Brochure from collection of Lester Bishop
Courtesy of David Balanky