Robert Blackburn
Blackburn 1909
Built by the Brough Heritage Group
via email courtesy of Joe Glew, 2-19-06
Dear Ralph:
      I thought you would like this picture of the 1909 monoplane which we built. At the moment we are building a 1916 tri plane which will be ready in September.
Best Wishes,
Brough Heritage Group
Editor's Note: I thank Joe for this beautiful photograph of the replica and the news that they are building the 1916 tri plane replica. For a complete and detailed story of the activities of the Brough Heritage Group, visit the Blackburn Aircraft Company website which is cited immediately below in the Online Resources section.

     If you search for "Robert Blackburn +aviation" using Google, (5-21-04), you will find about 192 links! Among the most helpful are the following. If time permits, you may want to at least sample some of the many other websites.

     This extended website is a feature of the Kingston upon Hull, Education Action Zone. Its primary purpose is to document the building of a replica of the first Blackburn Monoplane. In support of this project, it offers sections devoted to: The People, The Replica, The Brough and History. You can access the homepage by clicking on the title above.
     If your time is limited, you want to go directly to the story of Robert Blackburn. You can start there by clicking on:
Robert Blackburn
     The story of his life and career occupies two full pages and is illustrated with two very nice photos of him. If time permits, I suggest that you sample the other features of the website. I found them to be very interesting.

Who's Who - Robert Blackburn
     This page on the First World offers a concise biography and serves as a nice introduction into his life and career. You will find mention of the first aeroplane he built in 1910, the Blackburn Monoplane.You can access the site by clicking on the title above.

     This page on the Yorkshire Museum website offers a very interesting and valuable description of Blackburn's first aeroplane. You will find a picture of the restored plane and a story of it's developement and history. You can access the site by clicking on the title above.

1912 Blackburn Type D Monoplane
     This page on the The Shuttleworth Collection website, offers "a unique flying collection showcasing the first one hundred years of flight," including the Blackburn Type D Monoplane. This particular plane was built to the order of Cyrill Foggin who first flew it in 1913. The following paragraph comes from the webpage.

     "The first public appearance of the Blackburn in the Shuttleworth Collection was made on the 25th September at the Royal Aircraft Establishments display at Farnborough. Since then it has been flying regularly with the Shuttleworth Collection and when the weather is calm enough it still takes to the air. Today it is a unique machine as it is the oldest airworthy British aeroplane in the world."

     You can access the page by clicking on the title above. If time permits, I recommend that you visit the homepage by clicking on:

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