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from a Newsclipping
Courtesy of Caroline Bleakley, 2-12-04

     If you search on "William Bleakley" +aviation -NFL -"Coast Guard", Using the Google search engine,
(7-12-09), you will find about 355 links. Among the most helpful are the following.

Born in Ireland
     "William Bleakley, born in Arvagh, Ireland in 1890, went to America when he was 16. He was a pioneer of aviation and was the first to perform the aerobatic feat of looping the loop."
     This brief note was found on the County Cavin Ireland website. It is located on the page for the village of Arvagh. You may go directly to the page by clicking on:
Arvagh, Ireland
     While there, I would recommend that you visit the homepage of the website and sample the many features which are offered such as Places to Visit, History & Heritage, Outdoor Activities, Traditions & Tastes, etc. You can access it by clicking on:
County Cavin

The Pioneers
by John L. Frisbee, Contributing Editor
Air Force Magazine, Online
     Lt. William Bleakley's attempt to set an altitude record in 1928 is described. You will find more stories of Valor on this page. To access the site, just click on the title above.

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