by Eloy Martín,
Historiador aeronáutico de Argentina
Page 3
  Replacing the Escueta Militar de Aviación on January 31, 1922, the Grupo Nº 1 de Aviación was formed where he was appointed Jefe del Parque Aeronáutico and on January 5, 1923, he was appointed head of Grupo Nº 1 de Aviación, a position he held until January 19, 1925.

With the rank of lieutenant colonel, he was stationed at the Instituto Geográfico Militar. He retired with the rank of lieutenant colonel on April 10, 1931. On June 9, 1948 as was authorized by la Ley Nº 13197 del 13 de mayo, already published in the Boletín Militar Público Nº 1347, he was awarded the title of de Fundadores de la Aviación Militar. He died on May 27, 1976

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