by Eloy Martín,
Historiador aeronáutico de Argentina
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  Born in Viedma, capital city of Rio Negro on March 21, 1884. He joined the Military College on March 11, 1902. Graduated as Infantry Lieutenant on 26 December 1905 order of merit 2nd promoting No. 29. He was assigned to the 5th Infantry Regiment.

In December 1911' the Revista Militar del Ministerio de Guerra published an article by the War Tte Aniibal Brihuega entitled Aviación Militar relating to the aircraft Manoeuvres carried out by the French army in 1910.

In 1912 he moved to the Military Aviation School and joined the first course of Aviadores Military comprising, in addition to Lieutenant Raul Eugenio Goubat º 1, Lieutenant Alfredo Agneta, Saturnino Perez Ferreyra, Carlos Jimenez Kramer, Baldomero de Biedma, Peter Zanni, Juan Carlos Ferreyra, Leopoldo Casavega, Second Lieutenant Manuel Felix Origone and Lieutenant Melchor Frigate Zechariah School. The opening ceremony was held in El Palomar on 4 December at 8am.

He received the license as Pilot Aeronauta No. 15 on March 20, 1913 along with Lt. 1 Goubat (Brevet No. 14) and Sergeant 1st Francisco Sanchez (Brevet No. 16); review Flight what took place on March 18 aboard the "Argentina", which toured the route between Belgrano and Mariano Acosta at 4:10 flight hours. On 8 April 1913 he was accepted as an active member of the Aero Club Argentino (Act No. 74, Book 1 of the Aero Club) where he became intensely active. The license of Pilot International Air No. 24 was awarded to him on 21 May after he head demonstrated his skill in a Farman biplane and been certified by the officials: Pedro Leandro Zanni, Baldomero de Biedma, Carlos Gimenez KrameBoth certifications were issued by the Aero Club Argentino.

On May 25, 1913 he participated in the first aerial parade in the country accompanying Lieutenant Alfredo Salvador Agneta aboard a Eindecker Etrich Taube-Rumpler 1913. On 5 October, he made a flight from El Palomar, La Plata and return integrating a squadron commanded by Breguet III model 1913 as a passenger carrying the mechanic Ambrose Garagiola. The second plane, a Bleriot XI monoplane, was manned by Lt. Raul Eugenio Goubat º 1. On the sixth of the month, he served as instructor of Flight officers Juan M. Puerta Elgar and Pedro Campos.

On 12 November, on the occasion of the visit of the US president, Roosevelt, joined a squadron (Order of School No. 26), which participated in a military parade in flight Classes on the school in Campo de Mayo. The squadron was composed as follows: No. I Bleriot XI (50 hp): Lieutenant, 1 Brihuega Bleriot XI No. I-Bis (80 hp): Lieutenant Zanni Breguet III: Lieutenant, 1 Goubat Nieuport M-IV Eduardo Castex: Mr. Alejo Simon Tinao Plans
  President Roosevelt with General Vélez at the Escuela de Clases de Campo de Mayo (Revista Caras y Caretas)
  He received certification as Military Aviator No. 6 on February 19, 1914
(Military Bulletin No. 3791).

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