Roy C. Kirtland
Captain C. Def. Chandler and Lt. Roy C. Kirtland in Wright B airplane
with the first machine gun (Lewis) ever fired from a plane - 1912
Photo Courtesy PhotoGallery, Pictures of Oklahoma and its People

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Colonel Charles deForest Chandler
     This entry on the Arlington National Cemetery website offers a very nice resumι of his life and career. It includes a photograph of his headstone contributed by M. R. Patterson, October 2002.

Blue Ribbon of the Air
by Henry Serrano Villard
Product Details
Hardcover: 224 pages; 1.0 x 6.5 x 9.5 inches
List Price: $39.95
Publisher: Smithsonian Books (November 1, 1987)
ISBN: 0874749425
Chapter 1 THE AIRPLANE COMES OF AGE • 1908 1
Chapter 2 RHEIMS • 1909 21
Chapter 3 BELMONT PARK • 1910 53
Chapter 4 EASTCHURCH • 1911 95
Chapter 5 CHICAGO. 1912 129
Chapter 6 RETURN TO RHEIMS • 1913 169
Chapter 7 THE WAR YEARS • 1914-18 195
Chapter 8 THE LAST RACE • 1920 213
Epilogue 239
Appendix 1 251
Appendix 2 254
Notes 259
Selected Bibliography 265 Index 268

Brief Notes from Blue Ribbon of the Air
by Henry Serrano Villard
Headed by Maj. Samuel Beber, the contest committee of the Aero Club of America arrived in Chicago on 7 September. Other members were George M. Meyers, president of the Kansas City Aero Club, Capt. Charles deForest Chandler of the U.S. Army, W. Redmond Cross and Henry A. Wise Wood of New York, and Frank X. Mudd of Chicago.
     Army interest in the Gordon Bennett dated back to 1912, when the acting chief of the Signal Corps, Col. George P. Scriven, traveled to Chicago to attend that year's contest and Capt. Charles Chandler, Lt. George H. Arnold, and Lt. Thomas de Witt Milling accepted an invitation of the Illinois Aero CLub to officiate at the meet.
From Blue Ribbon of the Air by Henry Serrano Villard, 1987

Editors Note:
I was privileged to know Henry during several years before his death.
He was an fascinating companion and a lifetime friend of aviation.
I heartily recommend his book to you.

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