SEPTEMBER 23, 1910
     At Domodossola, after having crossed the Alps, it appears that a wing of the "Bleriot" had folded up, when he dove the aircraft trying to start the motor.
     The man had won the challenge and his great triumph was made even nobler by his pain. For only a moment, the poor martyr felt all of the bitterness of his beautiful youth that was soon to be extinguished.
     To his friend Duray, who comforted him by telling him: "The world is full of your glory!!", he replied: "Ça va bien, mais je meurs!" (It's going well, but I am dying!).
     In that phrase, there was all of the sacrifice of that poor soul who was leaving the world.
     After four days of delirium and suffering, at 1430 on September 27, the great aviator, with the knowledge that he had conquered the Alps, went to the heaven on the wings of glory.
     He was 23 years old. He was born on June 23, 1887.
     In Milan, the first news of the triumph of Chavez inspired great enthusiasm and admiration.
     Everywhere, and especially in the towns along the route, popular subscriptions were promoted for medals and gold plates to offer to the great flyer, but his death ended that. All that remained was the universal sorrow for the death of the Hero and the verses of the poets.
     Domodossola, which remembered the tragedy of Chavez, decided to erect a monument to him and the Town Council named a square Geo Chavez in his honor.
The description of the accident comes from the book
Pioneers of Aviation in Italy by Mario Cobianchi
1943 Aeronautical Editorial - Rome - Via Ripense 1

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