via email from Giovanni Giorgetti, 3-19-05
     In the town of Domodossola there are many interesting relics concerning the pilot Geo Chavez. In addition, there is a small museum which contains many artifacts from Chavez. It is located on the Via Rosmini in the Municipal Office Building - Culture Department. Mr. Pasquale Guglielmini is in charge of the museum and can be reached at Tel. 0324 249001. Below you will find photographs of many of the artifacts which are on display in the museum.

75th Anniversary
75th Anniversary Booklet
Collection of Giovanni Giorgetti, 3-19-05

Chavez' Portrait & Death Mask
Collection of Giovanni Giorgetti, 3-19-05

A Piece of the Biplane's Wing
Collection of Giovanni Giorgetti, 3-19-05

Chavez Anorak
The Anorak Worn by Chavez
Collection of Giovanni Giorgetti, 3-19-05

     My friend Giovanni Giorgetti has informed me that the Museum of Chavez website is now online.
Museo "Geo Chavez"
     This page on the ala tricolore website offers a description of the museum, a brief biography of Chavez and directory of aircraft on display in the museum. The entire text is in Italian, but an English translation is under construction. (6-28-05. You can access the page by clicking on the title above. On the next page you should click on "Musei in Italia." You will be then taken to the page which lists many of the aviation related museums in Italy. You can click on "Museo Geo. Chavez" to access that page itself.
     If you read Italian, you will will want to visit the homepage of the website by clicking on:
ala tricolore

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