Harry Coplan
Harry D. Copland
Fall, 1941
Sales Engineer; born Cambridge, Mass. April 12, 1896;
Rindge Tech. School, Cambridge, Mass.
     Aeronautical Activities and War Service: Flew Glider at Franklin Field, Boston, 1909; built and flew gliders, South Bend, Ind., 1912 to 1913; enlisted Royal Flying Corps, July 1917; training in Canada; active service overseas, 203 Sqd., 1st Lieut and Flight Comdr.; Chief Pilot, Universal Aviation Col, Detroit, July 1919; Buffalo to St. Louis flight; Dec. 1920 made first Maine to Florida flight; 1921 in charge Mayer Field, Pittsburgh; 1922, Mexico and South America; 1923 to 1924, in charge flying boat operation Atlantic Airways, inc., along Atlantic coast; Communications Officer 43ed Div. Air Service, Connecticut National Guard; Vice-President and General Manager, Interstate Airways, Inc.
     Flying Rating: F. A. I. No. 6640; R. F. C. No. 12240; British Civilian No. 83, State of Conn., No. 11; State of Mass., No. 3.
     Present Occupation: General Manager Interstate Airways, Inc. Address: 1478 Boulevard, West hartford, Conn.
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     Harry D. Copland, who retired from the Air Force just before Pete Goff, and who was one of the two last EB's in active service in Uncle Sam's flying force, is back in the harness again. Harry couldn't stand inactivity and is now helping run the Air Force contract flying school for his old friend E. M. Anderson. His address is Anderson Air Activities, Malden Air Base, Missouri. Says they have about 500 students, mostly 2nd lieutenants with some cadets. They're using T-28's and T-34's, but hope to have jets (T-37's) before too long.
     Harry is working harder than in service and loving every minute of it. Some day he may really retire in Florida, but not now. Prior to his service retirement, Col. Copland was with the 14th Air Force at Robins Air Force Base.
from The Early Birds of Aviation CHIRP, March, 1957 Number 56

Harry Coplan
President, Early Birds
     Harry attended this meeting and you will see him standing with the other Early Birds in front of a replica of a 1912 Curtiss. You can access the site by clicking on the title above.
via email from John Vargas, 10-16-08
Hello Ralph:
     Here is information to add about H.D. Copland, and I do have his WWI, and WWII wings.
     Harry Depew Copland (1896-1976) was an Early Bird, soloing in a glider in 1909 and in an airplane in 1911. His many achievements include: exhibition flights, (1911); British Blockade Runners, radio officer (1915-1916); Canadian Royal Flying Corps 203rd Squadron, 1st Lieutenant and Flight Commander (1917-1919); District Manager of the New England Flying Service in charge of Curtiss Primary School Flying Operations (1929-1932). During World War II he served at Maxwell Field, AL, and as commanding officer of the 19th AAF Basic Flying Detachment at Greenville, S.C. Copland was also involved with Altantic Airways, Inc., United Air Lines, and was the Director of Florida Aviation Department.
John Vargas
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Harry Coplan
Harry Coplan
Harry Coplan

Harry Coplan
Harry Coplan

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