Harry Coplan
Harry Coplan
Harry Coplan
Pioneer Aviator
Fall, 1941
President of E.B.'s

     If you search for "Harry D. Copland" +aviation, using the Google search engine,
(7-29-11), you will find about 128 links. Only a few of them are very helpful.

Harry Coplan
Little-known Treasures of The Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome
     This page from the WWI AERO - No. 198, Nov. 2007 magazine deals primarily with a detailed history of the Aeromarine 39B. It does include a very nice photograph of Harry standing in front of his plane. (The photo is credited to the Aerial Age Weekly, March 14, 1921)
     By visiting the site, you can see a full size version of the thumbnail photo which you see above .

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