Herbert A. Dargue

  Clark Jones morning. Work afternoon.

Mon. May 8 - Visited Signal Office and War College. Work in evening.

Tues. may 9 - Left for N.Y> 12:30 A.M. Work in New York all day. left
3:30 P.M. for Wash. Arrive 8:30.

Wed may 10 - Interview with Sec. War. Visited Signal Office P.M.

Thu. May 11 - Spent all day with War College Committee.

Fri. May 12 - Saw Nicholls S.C. and met many congressmen.

Sat May 13 - Visited Signal Office. Talked with Whitehall A.M. Left
12:30 for N.J. rrived Hohokus 7:10 P.M.

Sun. May 14 - Rested.

Mon. May 15 - Work on dope all day with Marie.

Tue. May 16 - Left for Boonton 7:48 A.M. Visited Mother Salmon then
went x-Rays.

Wed. May 17 - Lunch at Morristown. Then went to Mills' at Boonton.

Thu. May 18 - Went to N.Y. Work to 3:00 P.M. in Aero CLub. Went to
Wash. Arrive 8:30 P.M. Talked with Clark all way on train.

Fri. May 19 - Visited Signal Office in morning. Work on dope. Visited
Capitol in morning trhying to see friends.

Sat. May 20 - Spent part of morning at War College. Rest in Signal
Office. Work on dope all day.

Sun. May 21 - WOrk on dope - Meeting - Clark, Jones + I.

Mon. May 22 - Spent all morning at War College dictation duties of
each member of entire organization to stenographer. Visited Signal
Office after lunch + had long talk with Mitchell. He recommended that
Jopmes amd O gp tp Sam Doegp / Meeting - Jones, Clark and I in late
afternoon. Meeting between us three + Milling all the evening.

Tues. May 23 - Spent all day at War College. Milling came over to our
side and testified in favor of our bill + organization and for
separation. Work on dope most of day.

Wednesday May 24 - Visited Walter Reed Hospital in morning. Work on
dope. Had private talk with Sec. War in late afternoon + got
instructions War College Com. changed. Tea with MacCauley + Clarke.
Called on Mr. + Mrs. Gorrell in evening.

Thursday may 25 - Visited Walter Reed Hosp. Visited Attending Surgeon
in city and he approved my applicaton for sick leave + sent it to
Adj. Gen. with certificate. Worked at War College in afternoon.
Meeting with Clark, Jones + Milling in army room. Work on dope in

Fri. May 26 - Left Wash. 10 A.M. Arrived Morristown 5 P.M. party at
Nettie T's in the evening.
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