Herbert A. Dargue

  Sat. March 11 - Orders at noon to pack up.

Sun. March 12 - Packing. Flew machines to field at Fort Sam Houston,
disassembled + packed on train.

Mon. march 13 - Left San Antonio special train 12:30 P. M.

Tue. march 14 - Field range on baggae car set car on fire. Stopped at
Al;pine and put it out. Arrived El Paso 6:40 P.M. Went to show. Drew 9
das. rations. Letter to Marie.

Wed. March 15 - Left El Paso 5:00 AM. Arrived Columbus N.M. 9:00 A. M.
Unloaded train. Assembled machines + I made first and only flight of
the day at 6?:00 PM. 1000 feet. Crossed border just a little on flight.

Thu. March 16 - Made 1st flight of day 3000 feet.

Fri. March 17 - Letter Marie. Tuned up machien for foreign use. Good
shower bath.

Sat. march 18 - Work about camp. Moved kitchen.

Sun. March 19 - Work about camp Orders 4:30 P.M. to fly Casas Grandes
the night. Left 5:10 P.M. SW to Boca Grande S to Janos. Landed in a
good field. Hostile Mex appeared. Left + flew south my moonlight over
Casas Grandes River to Corralitos. Returned to field near Janos,
landed at 7:30 P.M. + sat up all night on solitary guard over machine.
Some lonely, unfriendly, + cold night! Four other machine landed La
Ascension + camped over night. Willis + Gorrell kept on south.

Mon. March 20 - Left field near Janos at 6:20 A.M. after repairing
tail skid + flew tS to Casas Grandes landing Corralitos to get
bearings. Carranzistas + Mex. surrounded me at station and situation
became so grqave that I took off and flew back to Colonia Dublan where
I found out Gen. Pershing was camped. 43 was first to arrive.
Interview with Pershing. Had had no supper nor breakfast so ate at
9:30 in Perhing's mess. other machines except 41 and 52 arrived later
in morning. 52 lost, also 41. 42 broke up a little in landing.

Tue. march 21 - Willis came in at 3:00 A.M. after hike of about 30 mis. 41 broken up S of Pearson in landing by moonlight. 44 scouted S.
No news of Gorrell.
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