Herbert A. Dargue

  Wed. Mar. 22 - Scouting flight looking for Gorrell W and S of Colonia
Dublan. Scouting flight S by 44, 53, 45, 42. Bowen fell yesterday
smashing 48 - 50 foot fall. Broken nose and face bruises. Gorrell
reported safe.

Thu. Mar. 23 - Bowen left by auto for Columbus + San Antonio at 12:30
P.M. Very windy and dusty. 42, 44, 53 scouted S. High winds prevented
return. No word from them. Gorrell returned at noon after harrowing

Fri. Mar. 24 - High wind and dusty all day. Flight 43 to Columbus
prevented. No word from 42, 44, 53.

Sat. Mar. 25 - Started 6:05 A.M. for Columbus. Arrived 8:25. Very
rough from Boca Grande in. Changed motors + worked all day + Sunday.
Made trial flights with new motor Sunday morning + evening.
593 flights 159hr. 6m. 616 flights 170hr. 21 mins. Total as pass. too.
Letter to Marie + Madelin.

Sun. Mar. 26 - Work about Columbus and on 43.

Mon. mar. 27 - Flew from Columbus to Casas Grands. Started 5:50 A.M.
Arrived 7:55 A.M. Carried 42 gal. gas + 3 1/2 gal. oil - also load of
about 125 lbs of candy + tobacco.

Tue. Mar. 28. Left Colonia Dublan 5:50 A.M. Landed Namiquipa 7:30 A.M.
Took message from Maj. Howze + started South. Landed Santa Ana then
Providencio then overtook 7th Cav. under Col Dodd at Bachinero 9:00
A.M. Delivered messages from Gen Pershing + Maj. Howze, also candy +
tobaccdo. Collected mail. Left Bachinero at 10:10 landed Namiquipa
11:00 A.M. Delivered message to Col. Howze. Lunch with Lt. Shannon -
great chow. Soup to crackers + cheese. 5:40 P.M. left in wind for
Santa Ana collected mail + returned to Namiquipa landing 6:20 P.M. at
base Maj. Tompkins. Col. Dodd has heard of Villa scrap with
Carranzistas at Guerrero Monday night. No sleep nor chow with Maj.
Tompkins. Bunked in at midnight with group of soldiers after trying
out pile.

Wed. Mar. 29 Worked 4:00 A.M. on machine. left Namqjuipa 5"25 A.M. by
moonlight. Very rough over moontains south of El Valle and in valley
north. Landed Colonia Dublan 7:15 A.M. reported to Chief of staff with
messages from Col. Dodd, Maj. Howze + Tompkins. Kilner came in from
El Valle for my information. Flew 8:15 to El Valle landing 9:25 A.M.
Delivered all messages to Gen. Pershing + had a general talk over
observations made. talked to reporters. :Posted to Marie. Left El Valle
with mail 5"15 P.M. landed Colonia Dublan 6:15 P.M. Very rough flight.
Caught in whirlwind.

Thu. Mar. 30 rest all day. Got machine ready to go to Namquipa. Wrote
M. + Was----ent? Recd. word R resolution agreed to by House M.C. 2
truck trains with rest of squadron arrived form Columbus. Put Bosch
magneto on motor in 43.

Fri. Mar. 31, left Colonia Dublan 5:40 A.M. South. Struck clouds 900
feet in Chocolate Pass, came down to 500 ft. Heavy snow 1000 feet near
Galeano - had to come down to 500 ft., ground covered with snow.
Climbed to 2000 ft. at El Valle + struck back through mountains east +
south. landed Namiquipa 7:20 after rough flight. Gen P. had gone on.
Took on full capacity of gas + left for Santa Ana, landed + then
went to Geronomo ranch near Bachinevo, landing at 9:00 A.M. reported
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