Herbert A. Dargue

  to Gen. P. with mail + messages. Villa not more than 10 miles away.
Col Dodd with 75th Cav. had battle at Guerrero, killing 90
VIllistas - got 4 men wounded. No losses. Villa's leg broken + shot in
hip. Battle Wednesday morning. Two Villa deserters came in camp at
9:00 A.M. + went as guides to Villa's hidng place. Villa supposed
to be completely surrounded by our troops. He had band of 400 at
Guerrero, now has about 300. Gen P. made me aide-de-camp. We were only
officers left in camp after Maj. Ryan went out with Villa deserters as
guides + about 25 troopers. 43 held in readiness for action. A severe
snowstorm came up + lasted all afternoon. No sign of Villa's capture
by 10:00 P.M when a couple of bodies of troops returned. Slept on
ground by fire all night and got snowed on.

Sat. April 1 - Left Geronomo Ranch 6:30 A.M. with mail and messages
from Gen. Pershing. Attempted to cross pass between Naminquipa and El
Valle, got caught in a blinding snowstorm + was blown 15 miles off
course to east. landed on small plateau 7000 feet high in mountains,
7:30 A.M. left at 8:20 + flew down a valley to Los Cruces + got my
bearings. Then went over pass + landed at El Valle at 9:00 A.M.
Delivered messaage to camp commander, picked up other messages + left
at 9:55 for Colonia Dublan. Landed 11:00 A.M. + delivered message to
chief of staff, press news, mail, etc. In afternoon went south toward
Galeana looking for 45 that had landed yesterday with Foulois and
Carberry. landed at 45, made repairs + brought Gorrell back who had
come up in auto. Took Carberry down to fly his machine back.

Sun. April 2. Beautiful day after snowstorms of two days. Laid around
camp at Colonia Dublan all day.

Mon. April 3. Worked on 43 getting it in shape.

Tue. April 4 - Work on 43. Packed up truck train to move south to
Namiquipa. Train departed at 7:40 A.M. Made a short fligtht at sunset
and adjusted controls.

Wed. April 5 - Flew from Colonia Dublan at 5:20 A.M. arriving San
Geronomo Ranch 7:20 A.M. Capt. Foulois passenger. Loaded up with oil
and started south 9:00 A.,M., landed 6 miles north of San Antonio,
talked with pack train, took off again + landed 10:25 A.M. about 2
miles north of Cusi Ranig overtaken Col. Brown's cavalry. Col. Brown
told of harrowing tales in following Villa. Talked with Carranzo
soldiers while Foulois overtook Brown with a borrowed horse. Stopped
in a house and got report from Col. Brown, Solomon Rahaim. Had good
chow - potatoes. Left Cusi in high wind 4:50 P.M. Arrived San Geronomo
5:55 P.M. Ate supper with Gen Pershing. left 6:30 P.M. arrived
Namiquipa 6:50 P.M. Moon assisted in landing. Carried orders for
squadron to move to San Geronomo.

Thu. April 6 - Started from Maniquipa 5:30 A.M. with Rader as
passenger. landed 6:54 A.M. in canyon about 5 miles below Cusi.
Carried messages to Col. Brown 10th Cav. to change line of search.
Breakfast with Solomon Rahaim. Talked with Col. Cano + sent message to
Col. Brown by one of his soldiers. left Cusi 9:40 A.M. climbed 1000
feet out of canyon + passed over 10th Cav. Landed in open field
prepared parachute with duplicate message + returned to 10th Cav.
dropping message. They got it. Returned to San Geronomo by new
valley - very rough, exceedingly so. Climbed right through mountains
and dodged hills all the way. Arrived 11:54 a.m. Reported to Gen.
Pershing. He was very well pleased with result of my trip. Got 43
ready for flight to Chihuahua.
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