Herbert A. Dargue

  Fri. April 7 - Started from San Geronomo 5:40 A.M. Arriving Chihuahua
7:20 A.M. 110 miles. Last 50 miles very rough. Landed on south side of
city. Foulois got out. I left to go over north side of city + join 45.
Soldiers fired me and punctured planes. landed in mob of people near
45. Machine surrounded by Mexicans who tampered with all parts of it.
Situation became so bad by 9:30 that we started to move to another
place away from city. Carberry got off all right, having replaced a
flipper bolt that had been removed. I started + a shower of rocks from
the boys and men punctured my planes, fuselage, + control surfaces.
When I left the ground the top of the fuselage blew off breaking the
stabilizer. A quick landing saved the situation. I ran back to get top
myself + had a difficult time but got a bluff on the devils until a
soldier guard came. Repaired aeroplane most of day. Lunched + dined +
stayed over night with American consul, Mr. Letcher. met Gen.
Suierritaz, Col. Marana, German consul + several others. Went to
foreign club 7:00 P.M. + had a good beer. Wrote home + Marie from
consulate. Good warm bath at 11:30 P.M. To bed at midnight between

Sat. A;pril 8 - Arose 4 A.M. Brekfast with consul + Col. Marana. Auto
to 43 ;picking up Gen Suierritaz. started from Chihuahua 5:40 A.M. +
arrived San Geronomo 7:10 A.M. Foulois passenger. Very good trip but
right over hills half of the way. The broken flashlight worked all
right, the air being fairly calm. mail from Marie, Mother, Father, +
Joe R. Glasses came broken. Rested all afternoon. Bed under the stars
+ in the wind at night.

Sun. April 9 - Flew with Rader as passenger at 5:45 A.M. from San
Geronomo to Maniquipa, arriving 6:05 A.M. Expected order to go to
Washington. Returned 6:30 A.M. to San Geronomo arring 6:55 A.M. had
messages but officers had left on train going south. Started 7:10 A.M.
for San Antonio, arriving 8:05 A.M. + delivered message to Gen.
Pershing. Left at 9;55 A.M. arriving Namiquipa 10:50 A.M. carrying
messages to Chief of Staff. Left 11:55 A.M. arriving San Geronomo
12:20 P.M. Left 1:00 P.M. arriving San Antonio 1:45 P.M. after very
rough trip. Rader passenger on all flights of day. rested during

Mon. April 10 - Capt. Foulois, observer, + I made a 175 mile scouting
flight San Antonio - Casi - San Borjo - Satevo - Corretos - San
Antonio, starting 6:00 A.M. getting back 8:15 A.M. Passed over Santa
Ana where Villa was reported dead + buried. Saw no signs of life or
deth. Country hilly and mountainous. Fine trip. Did not pick up any
troops American or Crranzinista. Rested during remainder of day.
Telegraphed Joe from San Antonio de Arenales - no reply. Our truck
train - 11 trucks - left for Satevo at 1 P.M. Wrote Madeline.

Tue. April 11 - Flew with Gorrell as passenger form San Antonio at
5:30 A.M. landing at Colonia Dublan 7:50 A.M. + delivering messages.
Flew to Columbus landing 9:30 A.M. Very rough trip in parts with rain
and high winds. Reported to Maj. Sample + delivered mail, messages,
and press reports. Telegraphed to Joe + Marie. Helped Maj. Sample make
out list of location of troops for Sen. Funston. Had a good bath + a
lot of good chow including ice cream and strawberries. Work on dope
during day.

Wed. April 12 - Rained all day with high wind. Worked all day on dope
typewriting. Wrote Marie. Night letter to Marie.
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