F. Trubee Davison
F. Trubee Davison
Guggenheim Fund Trustee, 1926
WW I Combat Pilots Reunion
EB CHIRP, Nov., 1961, No. 67



     "On August 29, 1916, Congress passed the Naval Reserve Appropriations Act that established the Naval Reserve Flying Corps. Approximately seven months later, March 24, 1917, 12 students from Yale led by F. Trubee Davison (the Yale unit) volunteered enmasse to become what is recognized as the first Naval Air Reserve flying squadron. From that beginning, Naval Air Reservists have served in every crisis that has confronted the nation including World WarsI and II, Korea, the Berlin Airlift, Vietnam and Operation Desert Storm."
     This excerpt comes from the Naval Air Reserve website. You may read the whole story by clicking on the title above.

It is difficult to conceive of an ideal more lofty, more worthy of the very finest of human aspiration. The memory of their ideal and what they did to reach it constitutes a fiery challenge to the devotion of Yale men in peace or war, so long as she may endure. We will have done at least something to keep faith with those who sleep if this memorial carries a spark of that spirit to those who are yet to be sons of Yale."
— F. Trubee Davison, dedicating Yale’s World War I Memorial, 19 June 1927

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