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If you search on "Count Jacques de Lesseps +avation" using Google,
(6-18-11), you will find about 16,000 links. Just four years ago there were only five. However, if you search on several of the other permutations of his name, you will find many more.

     This page offers a brief biography and six beautiful photographs of the Count and his contemporaries. You can access the page by clicking on the title above. If you are not already familiar with this fantastic website, you will be well rewarded by sampling some of its many features.

     This page on Solomon August Andrée's superb The Aviation History On-Line Museum, offers a beautiful photograph of Count de Lesseps and his Bleriot, La Scarabee, in which he won the grand prize at the Belmont Meet in 1910. You will also find the following paragraph which features DeLesseps.
     "The sensational "Statue of Liberty Race" for the Thomas Fortune Ryan $10,000 prize was won by the Count de Lesseps. Claude Grahame-White beat him home, but was disqualified for fouling the initial pylon."
     You can also read more about the meet itself, with a listing of the other participants. You can access the page by clicking on the title above.

Canada Aviation and Space Museum.
New Acquisition
A Robert W. Bradford painting
The Canada Aviation Museum recently acquired for its exceptional collection a painting entitled “Come Fly with Me” by Robert W. Bradford. The internationally renowned aviation artist generously donated this painting in honour of the Museum’s first curator, Kenneth Molson, who was responsible for introducing him to the Museum world.

     This page on the City of Toronto website offers a substantial resumé of the 1910 Airshow/Exhibition in which Count de Lesseps was the star performer. It includes a brief, but helpful biography of him, incluiding some details of his death in 1927, as alluded to in the newsclipping above. You can access the page by clicking on the title above. You will probably want to use the FIND button to locate the entry on the page.

L'homme qui venait du ciel
The man who came from the sky
"L'homme qui venait du ciel
Héros de la Première Guerre mondiale, Jacques de Lesseps a marqué les débuts de l'aviation commerciale au Québec. En 1926, il entreprend de réaliser la cartographie aérienne de la Gaspésie. Cette tâche audacieuse déclenche une querelle fédérale-provinciale qui le mènera à une fin tragique.
aucun auteur
par Jean-Marie Fallu "

The man who came from the sky
Hero of the First World War, Jacques de Lesseps initiated the beginnings of commercial aviation in Quebec. In 1926, he undertook to carry out the aerial mapping of Gaspésie. This daring task started a federal-provincial quarrel which will carry out it to a fine tragedy.
no author
by Jean-Marie Fallu
Editor's Note: I was alerted to this article by "Louis", to whom I am very grateful. It is written in French, but it is possible to translate it into readable English with the help of the BabelFish program which is available from the AltaVista website.
     I did produce the machine-translated version of the article and read it with great enthusiasm. It offers a very detailed and fascinating revue of his activities in Canada, including references to his participation in the second international air show ever held in the world in 1910, Montreal being the host, the first having been held in Rheims in 1909.
     I am trying to contact the author, Jean-Marie Fallu, in the hopes that he will allow me to reproduce a copy of the article on this page, but in the meantime, I heartily recommend that you read the translation by going to the website, copying the address and pasting it into the BabelFish program.

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     One of our regular contributors has suggested the following links.

Bleriot XI
blériot militaire
blériot XI (models)
blériot XI (models)
blériot XI
blériot XI (models)

Grande Enciclopedia Aeronautica

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Hard: 660 pages
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TEL. 71 - 624 - MILANO - VIA GESU 6
Courtesy of Giovanni Giorgetti, 7-30-11

DELESSEPS JAQUES. - Compì la seconda traversata della Manica nel 1910. Nel 1926 iniziò i lavori di rilievo fotografico aereo della Gaspesia (provincia di Quebec) per conto della C.A.F. Disperso al largo di Matane il 18 ottobre 1927, e ritrovato morto cinque settimane dopo sulle coste di Terranova.


DELESSEPS JACQUES. - He made the second Channel crossing in 1910. In 1926 he began the aerial photographic survey of Gaspesie (Quebec province) on behalf of the CAF. Missing off Matane (Canada) in October 18, 1927 he was found dead five weeks later on the coast of Newfoundland..

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