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Cromwell Dixon
ability of his machine to stand another flight today and announced he would not go up. When this statement was communicated to the crowd, there was an angry demonstration. Thre spectators hooted and shouted "Faker" and refused to listen to explanations.
     Mr. Frisbie announced that rather than have the big crowd go away with the impression that he was not willing to do his best, he would attempt a flight. He ascended from the track without dfficulty and went up well about 100 feet. When he attempted to make a turn, the airship tipped and he lost control.
     As he came down the spectators could see him trying to right the machine, but as it approached the ground, one of the wings hit a barn and it glanced off and struck the earth with Frisbie underneath. Frisbie's wife, son, and little girl were witnesses of the accident, and Mrs. Frisbie was overcome when she saw him fall. Tonight she bittlerly denounced the actions fo the spectators in forcing himn to make the flight with a disabled machine."
     A full page ad was printed in the Smith County Journal by the Smith County Fair Association. In this ad the contract was printed between the fair board and the Curtiss Exhibition Company. In the contract it was stated: Aeroplane flights guaranteed. The Curtiss
Exhibition Company agrees to provide one expert aviator with one Curtiss aeroplane on following Days, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, September 5, 6, 7 and 8, party of the second part to fly three days in the four dates mentioned above; flights to be made after 12 o'clock noon, of each day. The said first part (fair board) agrees to pay the said second party, or its duly authorized representative fifteen hundred dollars ($1,500), payments to be made as follows. $500 at the end of the first day's flights, $500 at the end of the second day's flight; $500 at the end of the third day's flight.
     The said first party further agrees to provide suitable place for flights, to be approved the said second party. Said first party agrees to keep the grounds where flights are to be made clear of all obstruction and in proper condition for flights and to furnish a suitable enclosure or shed for the protection of the aeroplane from damage by the elements and the storage of the said aeroplane, and to provide a night watchman. The said second party agrees to provide one esperienced aviator to make at least three good flights on the above days provided wind or other unavoidable causes do not prevent; a flight shall be an aeroplane rising at least 300 feet and circling the ground three times; also, if weather permits, there shall be altitude and other spectacular flying
on each day. The Smith County Fair Association signing was W. H. Nelson, President, H. O. Smith, Secretary on July 25.
     The people who had some doubts as to the flying machine performances as advertised during the fair, had to give them up even before the fair started. Cromwell Dixon, the daring aviator of the air, demonstrated on Monday evening that he was able to fill his company's part of the contract with the fair association, and he did it right up to the scratch. The contract for three ascensions each day closed Thursday evening and as he started for the last flight, about 5:30, he noticed a defect in the operaton of the machine, which made it necessary to run to the ground about a mile north of the starting point. The machinist spent about an hour righting it and Dixon then mae a beautiful ascent. The crowd was completely satisfied with his work and the officers of the association were entriely satisfied with considerations shown by the Curtiss people and their personal representative J. W. Scott of New York, who thanked the people of Smith County through the officers of the fair association for their kindness and consideration shown himself and party while here. He had charge of the Curtiss interests under the contract at Norton , and was not bitter against the people
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Cromwell Dixon
SMITH COUNTY FAIR This photo is three in a set of three. Mary Lattin owns
1 and 3 and is searching for 2. It states "Cromwell Dixon, Aeroplane rising Smith Co. Fair 9-6-11"

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