Alberto Santos Dumont
Museu Casa de Santos Dumont - "A Encantada"
from PETRÓPOLIS fundação de cultura e turismo
By Permission
Alberto Santos Dumont
Museu Casa de Santos Dumont - Side View
from PETRÓPOLIS fundação de cultura e turismo
By permission
     If you search for "Santos Dumont Museum" using the Google search engine, (4-23-04), you will find about seven links, six of them in English. If you search for "Museu Casa de Santos Dumont", you will find about 51 links, mostly in Portuguese, but with English translation links available. Just arbitrarily I have cited two of them below as a starting point.
Museu Casa de Santos Dumont
"A Encantada"
     This article, on the "PETRÓPOLIS - fundação de cultura e turismo" website, offers a nice description of the museum and two photographs of the house, one of which can be seen at the top of this page.
     The text is in Portuguese, but for the convenience of my English-speaking visitors, I have provided a translation, as best I can, which can be seen below.
     Constructed in the old mount of the Enchantment, it was planned and constructed for Alberto Santos Dumont to serve of summer residence; and due its location was affectionately nicknamed "the Magic one".
     The building, a chalet of the French alpine type, consists of three floors. The first one was a small workshop, the second a combined living and dining room and the third an office and sleeping room.
     A curious feature of the house is that it did not have a kitchen. All the meals came from the Palace Hotel, which currently houses the Catholic University of Petrópolis, close to the Clock of the Flowers.
     It is worthwhile to note the mirante that served as an astronomical observatory. The attention of the visitor is directed to the stairs which are built in the form of a racket. He is obliged to always start up the stairs with the right foot."
     On this page of the Maria-Brazil, The Home of Brazilian Culture on the Web. site, you will find a nice summary of the life and career of Alberto Santos-Dumont from his birth in 1873 to his death in 1932. It includes a description of his interesting home in Petropolis, now a national monument, with several pictures which display some of the very unique features of his house. You can access the page by clicking on the title above.
     If time permits, while you are there, I think you will enjoy sampling some of the many offerings which are available from the homepage of the site by clicking on the name above.

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