Francois Durafour
Bleriot XI
June 30, 1914

If you search for "François Durafour +aviation" using Google, (8-2-10), you will find about 750 links!
Geneva Cointrin
      On this page of the International Virtual Aviation Organization website, (IVAO), you will find a brief reference to the activities of François Durafour.
"The 1914-18 War was to put a brake on the development of aviation in the Geneva skies. On the other hand, the progress made by flying machines was to prove breathtaking. François Durafour, before touching down at the summit of Mont Blanc, offered passenger trips (maiden flights) from a small field situated at Saint-Georges, in the north-western suburbs of Geneva."
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Caudron G3
     This page, which offers a very nice revue of the Caudron brothers and their G3 aeroplane, does mention François Durafour, if only briefly.
"The Frenchmen's performance will open the door to many record's attempt, especially in Switzerland where, on July 31, 1921, the Swiss pilot François Durafour will land with his G.3 on the western slope of the "Mont-Blanc", then took-off a few moments later, what constituted an uncommon performance."
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Geschichte des Gletscherfliegens
     If you read German, you will find this description of Durafour's landing on Mont Blanc to be very interesting. A small picture of him, with his Caudron G3 aeroplane, can be found by scrolling down to the third one on the page. If you don't read German, a machine-translation is available directly from the Google page. It is a bit awkward, but much better than nothing. You can access the German version by clicking on the title above. If you need the English version, click on:
The first mountain flights and landings in the mountains.

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