History of Epps Aviation ~

Ben T. Epps and his aircraft, 1907 "Sometime, in the very near future, airplanes for two and airplanes for two hundred will fly anywhere in the country every day."
- Ben T. Epps, 1910

Pat Epps and Epps Aviation have come a long way since the aviation pioneer days when Epps’ father, Ben T. Epps, the first pilot in Georgia, built and flew his first vintage aircraft in 1907 (pictured above). Ben Epps built another six aircraft designs until 1937 when he was fatally injured in a takeoff crash at the Athens, Ga. airport, which is now named in his honor. His six sons and two of his three daughters all became pilots.

In 1965, Pat Epps bought a small fixed-based operation at Dekalb-Peachtree Airport and began Epps Air Service. The original facilty consisted of a main hangar (40,000 square feet) and a shop-office area. There were 19 employees. Through the years, Epps continued to grow. Today, 38 years later, Epps employs over 150 and is located on a total of 20 acres. The facility consists of the original main hangar, a terminal lobby, two maintenance / avionics hangars totaling 54,000 square feet, five corporate aircraft hangars, 40 T-hangars, and its own fuel farm.


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