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                A biplane in Trieste? Where and when?
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Author sergio
Topic A biplane in Trieste? Where and when?
     Rummaging among some old photos, I found this one of a plane which appears to be similar to those which were seen in the era of the Wright's. From a consideration of the photographer's stamp on the back, I have concluded that it was probably taken on Zaule's plain in Trieste. Is there anyone out there who knows anything more about it?
Jules Fischer
  Re: A biplane in Trieste? Where and when? #1
     Good morning to everybody. Zaule had a little airport and there was another little one near Spetic's public-house (now pizzeria) in Cattinara, This one was still active during the second world war. where today you can see four water tank towers, near the grass-ski track. During the second World War, there was a fake antiaircraft emplacement in the vicinity. The true one was located near the place now occupied by a Hospital. We should compare the mountain profile in the background and try to guess where the picture was taken.
Happy Sunday
Re: A biplane in Trieste? Where and when? #2
     The profile of the mountain in the photograph resembles the profile of the Zaule's mountains. I remember when it was still a bare mountain, without practically any houses. Surely the photo was taken on the plain, before the salterns. Ursus
Re: A biplane in Trieste? Where and when? #3
     There is a book which mentions the Zaule airport. I have it in "my own country history" section of my library... Oops, now you will imagine that I have a very big house with a very big library and that I have a lot of money... Well, I hope God listens to you, ah
     The book is:
Silvio Maranzana: "Quando la velocitÓ era puro coraggio" (When the speed was pure courage), ed. Hammerle, Trieste 1999 ISBN: 88-87678-10-3, 124 pp :
     It is a little book, just 124 pages including the index. Among the few photos that it offers, on page eleven there is one which shows "The Zaule's aerodrome in 1911. On the front, the Belgian pilot Jules Fisher's airplane." The photo is from the History and Art Civic Museum's Collection.
     The photo is taken from another point of view, but the airplane is the same, I'll bet on this, well, not my life, but the airplane is the same! At least it's the same model, because it has the same trolley type undercarriage, with double wheels and with the skid in the middle.
     Mr Fisher was flying in a Farman biplane and on July 31th 1911 at 17:40, he was started as first. (source "Corriere Adriatico"),
     I write this message now because I hadn't seen this photo before... Really, I was searching for photos of trains, but I think I lost my way in the forum...

  Editor's Note: You can learn more about the book which was mentioned in the text above by clicking on:
Silvio Maranzana:
     If you need the Italian text translated into English, you can click on:
English Version
     This website offers a photo of the author, Silvio Maranzana, along with a brief biography. Immediately below are descriptions of two of his books, the second being:
When the speed was pure courage
History of airplane and automobiles,
pilots and ghosts,
love and died.
     It appears to say that:
"Jules Fischer, Romolo Manissero, George Lagagneux, Giovanni Widmer are "those crazy ones of blot some flying" that on a sunny afternoon in the summer of 1911, on the field of the aerodrome of Zaule, they inaugurated the season of the flight to Trieste."

  Re: A biplane in Trieste? Where and when? #4
     Thanks to Franco's help, I've been able to learn a few more details of his life and career. It is not easy, because a "Jules Fisher" is also a famous Hollywood's celebrity. However, if you ignore references to him, you will find a few relevant links, such as:

31 March 1912
     "In 1912... The world' s first hydroplane competitions, He is one of only two non-French pilots of the eight starters and flies in a Henry Farman machine. (AYY)

     Jules Fisher held AÚ.C.B. license n░12... (June 25, 1910) He is best known for having won the Monaco contest for Hydroplanes in 1912! He also established 1924/11/24 to hydroglider speed record with to Farman Hydroglider on November 24, 1924. 1912, he was indeed to winner at Monaco, but notice the unusual Farman plane type he used there!"
     On that page there are also two photos, and here is the link to one of these (Collection of Jean-Pierre Lauwers):
Re: A biplane in Trieste? Where and when? #5
     Jules Fisher was also holder of a speed record (on the water):
10 Nov 1924
87.392 (I presume miles)
Jules Fisher
to Sartrouville, Seine River
World Water Speed Records
     If you want to have an idea of how the competition was carried out in those years, we suggest that you look at this pdf document (in French, with photos):
     In this article they also talk about:
"Le Belge Jules Fisher sur biplan Henry Farman Ó moteur Gnome 14 cylindres de 100 ch. Vitesse: 85 km/h."

     The English translation of this series of message from the original Italian was kindly provided by Sergio Drasco. It is difficult for me to adequately express my appreciation for his efforts in making this rich source of information available to those of us who don't read Italian. Thank you very much, Sergio.
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