AKA Victorin Garaix
Victor Garaix

via email from Dave Lam, 10-10-07
Garaix-- First name has also been given as Victorin. Earned French license # 1133 on 11 November 1912 flying an aircraft designed by L. Garaix, and was killed in action on 15 August 1914. The aircraft designer L. Garaix was of unknown relationship to Victor.

"New Altitude Record Made
"The French Aviator Garaix Ascends 7,328 Feet with Five Passengers,"
Knoxville Journal and Tribune
Knoxville, Tennessee: February 5, 1914,
Transcribed by Bob Davis - 2-11-07
"Chartres, France, Feb. 4. - The French aviator Garaix today established a new altitude record with five passengers, ascending to a height of 7,382 feet. He made the flight in a new biplane built by Paul Schmitt, an engineer, which reached a height of 5,000 feet with seven passengers. The previous record for five passengers was made last October at Johannisthal by the Austrian aviator Sablatinik, who reached an altitude of 3,281 feet."

Victor Garaix
Victor Garaix and his Dog
Library of Congress Collection 8-09-08

Victor Garaix

From: On "Grande Enciclopedia Aeronautica - Luigi Mancini - Edizioni "Aeronautica" - 1936 - Milano"
Contribution of Giovanni Giorgetti, 7-11-09
Italian version

Garaix V.
Nato a Taolignan (Drôme) 1'8 novembre 1890.
Si occupò prima di automobilismo, fece i primi voli nel 1908 con biplano Bonnet-Labranche; entrò poi come capo officina nelle fabbriche Vosgiens de constructions aéronautique ove rimase due anni, incominciando a pilotare a Nancy ed a Juvisy diversi biplani e monoplani. Tenta la costruzione degli aeroplani in serie: l'iniziativa però ebbe esito sfavorevole per mancanza di smercio.
Entrò nel 1912 come pilota in una Scuola ad Issy indi alla Vidamée; registrò il suo brevetto dell'Aero Club sotto il N. 1133 in data dell'8 novembre 1912 su monoplano di sua costruzione. Al principio del 1913 entrò nelle Officine dell'Ing. Paul Schmit e conseguì nel 1914 parecchi records di altezza di velocità, di durata con numerosi passeggeri.

English version:

He was born in Taolignan (Drôme) on 8 November 1890.
In the beginning he occupied himself with motoring. He made his first flights in 1908 in a Bonnet-Labranche biplane. Afterward, as a shop foreman, he worked in the Vosgiens factories de constructions aéronautique where he remained two years, learning to pilot several different biplanes and monoplanes in Nancy and Juvisy.
He tried constructing a series of airplanes, but the project failed for lack of a market.
In 1912, as a pilot, he went to a School in Issy after in Vidamée.
On 8 November 1912, he registered his pilot's licence of the Flying Club with the N. 1133 in a monoplane he built by himself.
At the beginning of 1913, he went to work in the shops of the engineer Paul Schmit and, in 1914, he won several altitude, speed and duration records, with a passenger.

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"The French Air Service War Chronology 1914-1918' by Bailey & Cony has an entry dated 15-August-1914:
Soldat Victor Garaix Pilot KIA
Liutenant Albert de Taizleux Obs KIA

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