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The passage over Campiglia
  By telephone from Campiglia:
     The aviator Beaumont has passed over Campiglia at 13.45. He has safely gone toward Grosseto.
     The people have poured out of the village to enjoy the passage of the aviator, applauding.

The Garros' and Beaumont's fly

     As we have said, Garros appeared above the landside, following a straight line toward Antignano, while the Beaumont has came from the sea.
     Also Beaumont, nevertheless, arrived over the New Fortress, has taken the same Garros' direction , as if journeying along the furrow left by his unsuccessful competitor.

The heights of two monoplanes

     It is estimated that Garros was flying over Livorno at a height of four hundred meters, and Beaumont must be increased, over our city, about six hundred meters.

The roar of the engines

     It is to note that the Garros' engine noise was heard much less than the Beaumont's engine, although the latter is found - as we have said - to much greater height.
     Consequently, it is clear that the Beaumont's engine must be provided with a more powerful engine than Garros.

Wind and storms in sight

     We are receiving news from Massa Marittima and Grosseto that the wind is blowing more violently than this morning and that a storm is in sight.

No arrival in Genoa for now
By telephone from Genoa:
     For today it is not signaled any arrival of aviators, but the Committee has taken every precaution to some unexpected arrival not reported.

The French naval lieutenant Conneau
landed safely in Rome
Nesti urgently telegraph us from Rome:
     The aviator Beaumont has landed at the Parioli aerodrome at 16.10 with indescribable enthusiasm of the crowed.
     I now can not, gripped by the emotion by which we are all caught up in Rome, tell you all the grandeur of the triumph with which the ancient mother of the Latin has welcomed the bold son of France.

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