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via email from Niall Syms, 7-28-07
     I was looking at http://www.earlyaviators.com/index.htm and came across CLAUDE GRAHAME-WHITE. I found a book called Aviation that was written by him and published in 1912, only 9 years after the first flight. I was interested as this is the oldest Aircraft book that I have found, though you are probably aware of it.
     I have read the book and it covers "Current Affairs" in Aviation of 1912 and the author's opinion of the future as well.
     I have a small collection of early aircraft books including Jane from 1920 and a set of Observers book of Aircraft from 1949 on. I generally get books at car-boot sales.
Niall Syms,
Dublin, Ireland..

from Amazon.com
     Before Niall Syms had sent the email to me, I had no idea that Claude Grahame-White was an author, in addition to being a preeminent pioneer aviator. However, a visit to the Amazon.com website revealed an impressive list of books which he had written, including the one displayed above. Here is a list of the books which I found on the site.

The Aeroplane, Past, Present and Future - 1911
The story of the aeroplane - 1911
The aeroplane in war - 1912
Aviation, (The nation's library) - 1912
The air king's treasure; A story of adventure with airship & aeroplane - 1913
With the airmen - 1913
Aircraft in the Great War: a Record and Study - 1915
The aeroplane, ("Romance of reality" series) - 1915
The invisible war-plane: A tale of air adventure in the great campaign - 1915
Learning to fly - 1916
Air power, naval, military, commercial - 1917
Heroes of the air: A book for boys - 1918
Air power - 1918
Heroes of the flying corps: A description of the work of the airmen during the early stages of the war - 1919

     I think you will agree that this is a very impressive list. If you are interested in learning more about any particular one, you will find a number of sources if you search the net. For example, if you search for "The air king's treasure", using google, you will find 37 links, many of them very informative. You will find that many used copies are for sale.

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