August Greth
Contributed by Stephen Sutherland, 3-1-10

via email from Stephen Sutherland, 3-1-10
Dear Mr. Cooper,
     I am Stephen Sutherland, Great Grandson of Dr. August Greth. If you recall, I sent you a bit of information a couple of years ago regarding the time and place of death of Dr. Greth. Let me begin by telling you again that Dr. Greth died in Los Angeles in 1936. The information of the time and death you have for August Greth is actually for August Greth Jr., a son of Dr. Greth, born in New York in 1880 and died in Santa Cruz in 1957
     Dr. Greth was born in the Alsace-Lorraine region of France in 1856 and died in Los Angeles in 1938. His wife Veronique (maiden name Ruff) was born in the same region of France in 1857 and died in Los Angeles in 1936. August and Veronique had four children, three boys and one girl. In addition to August Jr., Adolph Greth was born in San Francisco in 1884 and died in 1913; I am not sure about the location. Frank A. Greth was born in San Fransisco in 1887 and died in Alhambra, California in 1919. Frank is my motherís father and died when she was about six months old. My mother is named Lorraine after the region in France that August and Veronique came from.
     Vera Greth was born in San Francisco in 1893 and died in Laguna Beach, California in 1986. I grew up in the neighboring city to the north, Newport Beach, and knew Vera very well. She was lively and traveled the world throughout her life, continuing well into her eighties. Before her death, Vera wrote a page or so history of what she recalled her ancestor's history is France leading back toward Napoleon with a strong military history. I will post a copy of the letter as soon as I can.

I am sending the following attachments for your use on your website.
1. A picture frame I found at my mothers house showing numerous items including the family photo taken in San Francisco in 1903.
2. A close-up of the family photo.
3. The legend written on the back of the frame.

Thank you for your interest in Dr. Greth and the California Eagle.

Thank you. Stephen R. Sutherland

via email from Regina Gaughan Gutierrez, 3-20-06
Mr. Cooper,
     I was trying to research family history and came across your site. I believe August Greth is my paternal great uncle. My mom has a newspaper clipping about his dirigible flight. The story is that he came to the US with his brother Joseph (my great grandfather) from Alsace Lorraine, and a sister who died when they got to New York. Joseph ended up a doctor in Mexico and August went to San Francisco.
     For your in memoriam section, I believe he died in 1957 and had one son. I found this information on the Social Security database.

  If you have gotten any other information regarding August Greth, would you please share it with me?
Thank you so much,
Regina Gaughan Gutierrez
Editor's Note:Dr. Greth's great grandson, Stephen Sutherland, reports that the middle name was Arthur instead of Charles, as it appears on the Social Security database above.

via email from Stephen Sutherland, 12-20-07
Dear Mr. Cooper,
     Dr. Greth was my Great Grandfather. One of his son's, Frank, is my mothers father. Franks middle name was Arthur, not Charles. Frank died in Alhambra, CA in 1919, when my mother was 6 months old.
     Thank you for honoring his work with your site. A few updates for you. He did enter the US via New York. He died in the late 30's in Los Angeles. I think it was 1937. My mother is still alive at 89 years old. Her brother is now 90.
Stephen Sutherland..

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