Greth Airship, 1903.10.18
from the original Post Card
Courtesy of Jean-Pierre Lauwers

     If you search for "August Greth", using the Google search engine, (3-2-10), you will find about 45 links. Perhaps the most helpful are the following. You will probably want to follow some of the other links, as time permits.

Forensic Geneology
     On this website, which is devoted to explaining "how to analyze photographs, to mine databases, and to use DNA analysis to reveal family history," Susan Fortune has offered a remarkable revue of the exploits of Dr. Greth as the answer to one of the featured quizzes. On the page you will find a beautiful photograph of Dr. Greth's balloon and her findings which she discovered regarding his life and career. This is perhaps the richest source of information yet available on the net. You can access it by clicking on the title.
     If time permits, you may want to go to the homepage of the site to learn more about this techmique.

The Aerodrome Forum
     This forum hosts a series of messages from several fans who offer many valuable facts about Dr. Greth's activities. They also include many links to sites with more information on his exploits as well as related pioneer efforts. You can access the page by clicking on the title above. You should plan to use the FIND function on "Greth" repeatedly on the page to find all of the many entries.

by John H. Lienhard
     "Two dirigibles compete for priority. The first was Dr. August Greth's California Eagle. Greth came to America from Europe with some knowledge of early French airships. He formed a company to build a dirigible in San Francisco in 1897."

     This paragraph was taken from the extensive article on Dr. Greth written by John H. Lienhard.
To read the entire fascinating article, just click on the title above.

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