Geografía de Guipúzcoa
Serapio Mugica Zufiria (1854-1941)
  691/In San Sebastián it has been cultivated also as spectacle the sport of aviation. It happened for the first time the month of March of 1910, in that Hubert contracted itself the French aviator Him Blon so that in the bay of the Shell she made some experiences of this dangerous sport, whose newness attracted great number of strangers. In Ondarreta the airfield was arranged, sheds for the Blériot apparatus were constructed that was to mount Him Blon and the sandy ground in form was closed that single by means of previous payment could be contemplated by the public the preliminaries of the experiences, the exits and arrivals.

Day 27 initiated the flights, that were been present at by enormous crowd that filled the field and invaded the environs of the Shell. The spectacle greatly seduced by its newness and beauty, and it repeated the 28 and the 29; Blon evolved to him admirably on the bay between the ovaciones of the multitude. This day 29 the aviator fell to the sea with his apparatus, but both could be saved without serious consecuencias.

They continued the experiences as the time allowed it; flags of diverse colors, placed in different points from the city, announced the public if the spectacle would be celebrated or no. The 3 of April, when Blon had finished its commitments to Him, to give a test of affection towards donostiarras wanted to make an extraordinary flight, and to three and the average one of afternoon, without previous warning to anybody, it rose in his monoplane; a minute later, when the aviator was to about thirty meters of height, the /692/ apparatus gave a bell return and it sank in the water dragging to the pilot. Canoes and boats went to save the aviator, but all the efforts were useless; don't mention it they served the quickness as those who the efforts of the doctors went nor. Him Blon was dead. On the following day the conduction of the corpse to the station of the North was verified, with musics, crowns and enormous support of gente.

The month of September of he himself year was another series of aerial experiences. It inaugurated Morane day 27 with several flights - by the bay, on the fronton Jai-alai, Ulía and Igueldo, in the presence of the Kings; this aviator presented in San Sebastián the system to lower gliding. On the following day 28, repeated magnificent flights, and during one of them, when the public followed moved the movements of the immense bird, the public descried to Tabuteau aviator who came from Biarritz manning a biplane. The enthusiasm that the spectacle woke up in the multitude was great, and between deafening ovaciones Tabuteau it entered the bay among the island and Igueldo, arrived until the airfield, and in a fastest and magnificent turn it lined up the curve of the Shell and gave the whole return and it landed in the middle of great aclamations. To both aviators, Morane and Tabuteau, the King announced in he himself field that them he granted to the cross of Carlos lII.

A biplane flying over the palace of Miramar [Illustration nonavailable]

On the following day much to the Spanish pilot was applauded Benito Lóigorri, who evolved in a Farman biplane, and the public contemplated with deep emotion the magnificent spectacle that the three apparatuses of Loigorri, Tabuteau and Morane offered simultaneously when evolving on the sea, under a clean sky and azul.

They followed the tests the days successive, always successfully: the 30, promoted with Tabuteau several passengers, and the 1 of Loigorri October took with himself to one distinguished young lady donostiarra; as a result of a shutdown of the motor, the aviator did not have time to cause that its apparatus arrived at the field, and descended /693/ in the water, near the border, without consequences for him, for the young lady nor for aparato.

In May of 1911 the magnificent Paris-Madrid race was run, distributed in three stages: San Sebastián was designated for principle and the point term second of third; with that reason he arranged the things admirably, he offered prizes and he organized several spectacles of aviation. Day 23 reached Vedrines eleven in the morning and gained the glass of San Sebastián offered by the Aero Club for first that arrived at the capital; later Garros arrived, that wasted time because of a landing in the Jaizkibel by lack of gasoline, and however gained by that incident the medal that the Mercantile Circle offered to first of the aviators whom Spanish earth touched; to six of afternoon Gibert came, at noon and from the 24 Granel.

arrived An accident in the Aid of hydroplanes… (I. nonavailable]

The 26 in the morning the exit so that they crossed the third stage, to Gibert, Garros and Vedrines occurred them; Bulk did not follow the trip. We could narrate many incidences of the passage of these aviators by the diverse towns of Guipúzcoa, but it is enough to say that the curiosity of all the Guipuzcoan ones woke up enormously, that scattered by mountains the flights contemplated bold of the lucky people and they helped with true request to those who needed their services. The race gained Vedrines.

In February of 1912 Garnier made some flights and a trip San Sebastián, Passages, lrún, Hendaya, and returned in 35 minutes; he was the first aviator who crossed the border by the Pyrenees, because the predecessors arrived by the sea or ferrocarril.

In April of he himself year it was seen maneuver the first hydroplane in San Sebastián; Paulham commanded, that arrived from Hendaya in six minutes day 17; The 25 of March of 1913 passed Marcel Brindejonc, who went from Paris to Madrid. The 8 of June were of Ondarraitz (Hendaya) to San Sebastián in their apparatus Matius Terce, and although it arrived at the field of Ondarreta, returned without landing. In September of 1913 there was aid of seaplane-it airplane, whom /694/ attended several aviators. 1º of May of 1914 passed Salvador Hedilla in a monoplane, of Ondarraitz to Zarauz.

The 16 of March of 1914 began another week of aviation in San Sebastián.Hanouille, was contracted for the flights and caused a true sensation with his inverted flights and their improbable curls and spirals. But on the second day of tests, he suffered an accident which cost him his life. He had only been in the air for fifteen minutes when, from 150 meters of height, he fell to the center of the bay in the apparatus, head first , which made complete turn underneath the water, leaving the aviator behind. His corpse was not found until days later.

In the organization of many of these tests aviatorias has taken very active part the "Real Aero Club", that has its social address at number 9 Alameda Avenue
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