Elie Hanouille
Elie Hanouille
Collection of Ian Sayer, 10-13-06

via email from Denise Francis, 11-30-06
Hello Ralph,
     My name is Denise Francis nee Hanouille. Elie was the brother of my grandfather Leon. Because I am doing genealogy, I have been fascinated by my great uncle of whom we heard very little growing up. It is only recently that I have discovered when he died. I do notice that on your website you listed him as being French. Why is that? He was born in Suxy, Belgium and as far as I know he never changed his nationality. Maybe we could exchange some information. Feel free to contact me at the above e-mail.
      Je comprend francais mais pour l'ecrire ce n'est pas facile pour moi.
     Thank you for your wonderful website and all the useful information on it. It has helped me a great deal.
Denise Francis
Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, USA
Editor's Note: I thank Denise for the contact and for enabling me to correct his nationality on my site. Regarding her ability to read French, I can only read French with the help of the Google machine-translation program, which is better than nothing, but not much.

via email from Alain Rabiller, 10-7-07
     I am searching for more information about Elie Hanouille.
     He came to my country in 1913 to participate in an aerial meeting. I enclose an account of the event which I extracted from my book in preparation.
     "Les 7 et 8 septembre, le duo Grazzioli et Hanouille animent la fête du Loroux-Bottereau. Les 5 et 6 octobre, ils participent à la Fête d’Aviation de Nort sur Erdre qui a lieu sur le Champ de courses de Beaumont. Le 19 octobre, nous les retrouvons à Nozay où ils effectuent des évolutions à partir du champ d’aviation de Creviac."
     All the towns are in Loire Atlantique France (before this department was named Loire Inférieure)
Signature n°7 : SADI LECOINTE."

Best regards
Alain Rabiller

     Here is a machine-translation of the message.

     "On September 7, the Grazzioli and Hanouille team excited the festival of Loroux-Bottereau. 5 and October 6, they took part in the Aviation Festival of the North in Erdre which took place on the Beaumont Racecourse. On October 19, we find them in Nozay where they carried out demonstrations starting from the Creviac airfield."

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