Harold Harris  
Commemorative Stamp
Contributed by Alta Mae Stevens, 7-22-10
     The stamp commemorating the first parachute jump doesn't show Daddy's face as the pilot. When that stamp came into the post office, the post master very proudly showed it to our Dad, who immediately said that the face was not his and that furthermore he had no idea who its was! I'm sure the poor postmaster was crestfallen, and Daddy never pressed the case further.
Best of luck,
Alta Mae


     If you search for "Harold R. Harris", using the Google search engine, (7-21-10), you will find about 1,030,000 links! Among the most helpful are the following.

Gathering of Eagles
     I was alerted to this very helpful website by Thomas Moncure who helped to sponsor him to the Gathering of Eagles at Air Command and Staff College in 1986 as part of a 5-person student team. If you click on the heading of "Biographies, " you will find an extensive list of honorees, including Harold R. Harris. If time permits, you may want to sample many of the other biographies. You can access the site by clicking on the title above.

Harold R. Harris Papers

     This website offers a brief biography of Harris and also a complete listing of the materials contained in his collection in the Wright State University's Special Collections and Archives. You may access that site by clicking on the title above.

Harold Ross Harris Is Dead at 92
Early Pilot and Aviation Pioneer

Published: July 29, 1988
     This website of the New York Archives presents the Obituary which appeared in 1988. It offers a nice summary of his life and career. You can acess it by clicking on the title above.

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