Pittsburgh Post-Sun
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Friday, August 12, 1914,
Collection of Mike Kane, Aug. 23, 2005
Today's Program Condensed
Into One Nervy Exhibition
at Eventide
      The Pittsburgh Post and Sun have a treat for the public tonight. In the Schenley park oval, at 7 o'clock, Aviator Eugene Heth, under direction of the Berger Aviation Company, which is giving the exhibitions under the auspices of The Post and The Sun, will undertake a series of flights and evolutions.
      Since last Thursday Mr. Heth has been demonstrating the utility of the aeroplane in Schenley park oval. Thousands have witnessed his daring evolutions hundreds of feet above terra firma. Heth's claim to distinction as a man of iron nerve has been clinched by his work in Pittsburgh.
      The Post and The Sun are confident that Schenley oval will be thronged this evening with delighted spectators fo the most unique and thrilling of all sports, aviation.
     There will be no flights this afternoon. But tonight, from 7 to 8 o'clock, Mr. Heth will illustrate the feasability of the aeroplane and its mastery by human skill. This exhibition is of special interest at this moment, when the struggle in Europe carries the news almost daily of the important part played in warfare by aircraft of all kinds.
      There will be no admission charge to the oval. Everything is free, and every body is welcome to the exhibition as the guest of The Post and The Sun. Unless the wind is blowing at a rate making ascension utterly out of the question, the exhibition will begin promptly at the scheduled hour, 7 o'clock. In no event will spectators be required to remain beyond a reasonable hour. Mr. Heth has made ascensions in the teeth of dangerous winds; he will be on hand tonight to astonish the thousands who gather in Schenley oval.
     Weather conditions yesterday were such that people were kept from the flying field by their own choice; flying was therefore out of the question.

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