Rolland B. Marvin

Mayor of

City of Syracuse

  four hangars with a capacity of 200 ships, a modern lighting system and 103 square yards of hard surfaced runways. The total value of the Airport and its buildings is now about one half million dollars.
     The field is daily serviced by American Airways, Inc., with its passenger and mail planes. Syracuse Airport has been visited by the world's most outstanding flyers, among whom were Charles A. Lindbergh, the late Wiley Post, Commander Richard Byrd, Major Darque, Lieut. Eric Nelson, Thorpe Hiscock, Lieut. Leighton Wade, Tein Lai Huang, noted Chinese Ace, Baron Warehausen, Roger A. Williams, trans-Atlantic flier, Baron VonMantaufell, Capain Hawkes, Eleanor Smith, Don Jernigan, Jr., Aaron Krantz, Major V. e. Bertrandias, Major Dieudonne Co

First Manager of Syracuse Airport

under administration of

Mayor Charles G. Hanna
Gordon K. Hood


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