Signed by Alan R. Hawley and Augustus Post
Contributed by Tom Hood, 9-1-10

Gordon Hood
     A very rare autograph of Charles Lindbergh that my grandfather obtained for my father in 1927. I am attaching a copy of the menu that was prepared in a dinner by the Chamber of Commerce in Syracuse on July 28, 1927 for Lindbergh which was just about two months after he had crossed the Atlantic.
     About the autograph. I know it is to my father since I did discover that it was to Gordon K. Hood Jr. but the "Jr" is nearly invisible today but can be detected.
Contributed by Tom Hood, 8-9-11

     If you search for "Gordon Hood +aviation -Jeff" using Google, 9-1-10, you will find about 141 links, some of which are relevant.

     This page on the website of the Wichita State University Library offer a single reference to a letter from Gordon. The citation reads:
     "Contains a letter from Gordon Hood, Syracuse Air Show (20 August 1936) regarding public demonstration of the autogiros." To access the page , just click on the title above.
Ellington Field: A Short History, 1917-1963
     This page offers a single paragraph with a reference to Hood. The citation reads:
     "Because of a lack of military pilots in 1917, the U.S. Army Air Service relied on civilian pilots to help train cadets. Civilian pilots often had mor flight experience than military aviators. During the war, Ellingon Field had seven civilian instructors: W.F. Sullivan, H.B. Crewdson, E.W. Cleveland, G.K. Hood, W.A. Pack, O.W. Hoover, and E.H. Lee. Upon graduation, a flight cadet would be christened a military aviator. After graduation, an aviator was shipped to Europe for more training and assignment to a combat squadron."
     To access the page , just click on the title above.

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