Joe Best & Van Best
     "Miss Stinson is the Youngest Aviator, Man or Woman in the world since she has passed all the International Tests."
          -Chicago Tribune
     "Queen of the Air--Girl of 18 flies with ease of veterans."
          -St. Louis Dispatch.
     "She soars with consumate daring and skill."
          -Cincinnati Inquirer
     "Holds the unique record of being the youngest aviator in the world."
          -Kansas City Star
     "Her thrilling feats have won for her the admiration of every flyer in the civilised world and she is without a peerl"
          -El Paso Times.
     "Girl aviator makes beautiful flights at Army Post after night."
          -San Antonio Light.
     "Miss Stinson's exhibition was the feature of a mammoth Labor Day Celebration at Pine Bluff, Ark."
          Memphis Commercial Appeal.
     "Clever little girl Aviator handles Wright Bi plane in masterly manner."
          Dallas Morning News.
     "A little girl who performs feats in the air that only the nerviest man attempts. Is a student of the air ahd the science of the game."
          -Cincinnati Commercial Tribune.
     "Nervy girl flies after night fall."
          -Illinois State Register.
                    Dear Little Brother:-
                     Well what on earth is the matter with you all out there I haven't had a letter for so

long? There is an explanation coming and I'm waiting.

          Have you gotten your plane out there yet? I'll bet its nice and cold there about now.

          My plane has been all recovered, new wires, shorter ribs put in so I can ship by express

when I want to. It certainly does look dandy. I was in Dallas Feb 10th to 24th the plane got all

wet and the propellers had just been refinished and were not quite dry I guess so proceeded to

get out of shape and it wouldn't fly with a hardly, we coudn't find the trouble for nearly a week

and when we did and fixed I everlastingly did make up for lost time. It is certainly some job to

rebuild a plane. Getting it all lined up is where the trouble comes in I think I could design a dandy

now. No Thank you I'm not taking contracts to make old planes new. It is to much work, Ill let

Mr Partrage do it.

          Do you hear from Cicero at all? I got a letter from Irish several days ago. He and

C.M.Lockwood have established a booking agency of their own and want

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