Joe Best & Van Best
     "Miss Stinson is the Youngest Aviator, Man or Woman in the world since she has passed all the International Tests."
          -Chicago Tribune
     "Queen of the Air--Girl of 18 flies with ease of veterans."
          -St. Louis Dispatch.
     "She soars with consumate daring and skill."
          -Cincinnati Inquirer
     "Holds the unique record of being the youngest aviator in the world."
          -Kansas City Star
     "Her thrilling feats have won for her the admiration of every flyer in the civilised world and she is without a peerl"
          -El Paso Times.
     "Girl aviator makes beautiful flights at Army Post after night."
          -San Antonio Light.
     "Miss Stinson's exhibition was the feature of a mammoth Labor Day Celebration at Pine Bluff, Ark."
          Memphis Commercial Appeal.
     "Clever little girl Aviator handles Wright Bi plane in masterly manner."
          Dallas Morning News.
     "A little girl who performs feats in the air that only the nerviest man attempts. Is a student of the air ahd the science of the game."
          -Cincinnati Commercial Tribune.
     "Nervy girl flies after night fall."
          -Illinois State Register.
to book some of us. Also got a letter from Mrs Estep xxx asking about you all tell mother Best to

write us both a letter and let it be soon. Bess has had the Munps and Chickenpox but is well now.

          Aniclito Lazzeroni seem to still be there. I got a post card from the French boy Robert who

used to work fo LaGaucier on the Trans Atlantic boat and has gone back to France, it was

forwarded from Cicero and on the top was written in a familiar hand "A Lazeroni" I thought John

had sent me a postal.

          I wish there was some other aviators down here too. I have company now Mr & Mrs

Terrill a Curtis flyer who flew in Dallas when I was there came back with me xx but they are going
soon back up to Mass. their home. Ill be gone too pretty soon so I Should Worry.

          Well how do you like my stenographic work? You havnt said a word about it. Has he

Van? See I knew you had'nt. Tell Mrs Best I like that New Winter dress she has on, and to hurry

and write to me, Quick.

                                                                                    Your Little Sis,
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     537 S. DEARBORN ST.
          CHICAGO, ILL.
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