Chapter IV



(Petting and Praise Are Important

       Your tail is a good way to make your owner understand you better.
     Even Barbara Woodhouse, that crazy English dog trainer says that a dog's tail is a wonderful indicator of happiness. She says that the half-mast-wag with the very tip of the tail shows nervous expection, the half-mast slow wag is an interested dog who wants to know what his master is saying but doesn't quite pick it up; the full-mast wag of excitement and happiness means he's really happy; and the tail between the legs means a shy or unhappy dog.
     Tail talk is important. Use it to your advantage.
     Youv'e got to remember that praise is very important in training your owner. When they're good, be sure to reward them with lots of "full-mast" tail wagging and a happy face.
     If your owner is sitting down, you can easily nudge their hand with the top of your head and teach them to pet you. This not only makes you feel good, but is very important to them too. People like to feel needed and appreciated. One of the reasons they probably brought you home to begin with was that they needed companionship.
     Petting and nuzzling between you and your owner builds a relationship of love and respect for each other.

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