Man and Woman Were One
Submitted by Judy
  Somewhere I once heard
That in the beginning
Man and woman were one.

They were separated,
Some vengeful act of the gods,
So that we constantly search
For that other part
To complete the whole.

There is no matching pattern,
As in severed butterfly wings,
To aid us in this quest.
But we are of the same weave,
Fragile and paper thin..
There is no map
Of blue and red lines
To trace the journey.
No formula, nor recipe to follow.
There is only the knowledge that
We may never really know.

Except for touch

How else could I possibly explain
A kiss that throws open doors and windows
As often to a honeysuckle breeze
As to a fierce hurricane.
A joining that electrifies
Like air charged with combating ions
Before lightning flashes.
An embrace that heals, like coming home,
After a bone weary day.

by Ralph Cooper, 5-7-08
     This poem from Judy reminds me just how important "touch" was to Jo. For the several years that she was essentially confined to her chair in the front room, she would ask me to just touch her hand when I left the house on some trivial errand, I must admit that I didn't understand just how important that contact was to her at the time. Also, most nights when we went to bed, she would ask, "Please hold my hand." It is only now that I realize how precious and reassuring that touch was. I miss it terribly.

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