Drayton side facing front of house
My Life at 2505 Pinecrest Drive.
from a letter to "Margaret" by Jo, 10-4-04
     I lived at 2505 from when I was 4 until 16. That was 1933 to 1945. And my grandparents, who owned the house, lived there intil 1946.
     It's an interesting story how we happened to get the house in 1933. Our house at 50 Ridge Rd. had a terrible fire. We lost everything and times were hard and they had let their insurance lapse. There were 4 girls plus grandparents and we had no place to go. the real estate lady who was trying to sell 2505 talked the owner into letting us rent it if we could pay the large oil bill to heat it. Was wonderful for us and later my grandfather, Converse Lloyd bought it.
     My childhood there was very happy. I found a few more pictures that I'll send you later. Sorry they are not of the inside. Only one picture shows the fireplace wall. Kathy Stambolellis sent me a picture in 1997 showing the fireplace, so I guess that is still the same. We sent a picture of the front stairway painted white and a room opening to the left at bottom of the stairs. I don't recall a room there at all, just the hallway to the right of the stairs.
     Yes, as a child I loved the back staircase. Like a secret hiding place, tec. But I do not remember our familyu using it for anything other than a stariway to the upstairs.
      Nice to hear you are restoring it. Only wish I could be of more help.
     The yard thing has me confused. When we lived there the front door faced Drayton. Then the big yard between the houose and Pinecrest had about 12 large oak trees. The back yard between house and the garage was mostly grass. The big garden was another whole lot the other side of the three car garage. I'll send you some pix of that.
     You mentioned another house facing Pinecrest. When I lived there the whole corner of Drayton-Pinecrest was our property. So I'm confused. The houose was about even with the church across Drayton. Is that where you are now?
     Oh, those little windows around the front porch were storm windows. We replaced them with screens in the summer.
Me on side steps - 1944

Cars parked on Drayton, probably for church

Back Yard - February - 1940

Back Yard - Facing Garage

Large Garden Other Side of Garage - Summer, 1942
"Danny at bed of high snaps. Large pink petunias back of her. Zinnias in the distance, Morning Glories atop the fence"
(My grandfather wrote on the back - re Danny - Mrs. Converse Lloyd.)
Two houses seen are on Drayton at end of our lot.

Living Room - Christmas - 1942
     Grandfather mentions old dog, Duke, who is on the afghan on the chaise lounge. These two windows looked out onto front porch.
     Notice the two wall lights? They were on several of the walls, as I remember. My sister inherited that gold clock, but I have that coffee table my grandfather made. Wish I still had the grand piano. My grandfather gave it to me, but I sold it when I married the first time, 40 years ago, for - are you ready for this? $300! And it was a player, besides. Boy, have I kicked myself. Would still like to find it some day and get it back. Sold it here in California.

Picnic table in back yard, other side of garage

from a letter to
"Residents" of 2505 Pinecrest Drive,
from Jo, 7-16-87
Dear Whom ever:
     As a free lance writer, (mostly magazine non-fiction), I often think of writing a nostalgic piece about learning to roller skate down the sloping church sidewalk across the street. Is that church still there? Was it Presbyterian? And, we used to ride our bikes out Drayton to what we called the "third Hill." I'll bet the street has all been smoothed out now and where it was mostly vacant lots, I;'m sure it's all built up now.
     I attended Roosevelt School. Is that still there? When I went there, I could walk through a path in a vacant lot the other side of 2505 --- Oh, I've forgotten the correct directions --- maybe north? - toward the school - anyhow from our house to the next street that direction.
     Are the big oak trees still alive and well in your front yard? I was particularly fond of the "big tree" nearest Pinecrest and in the center of the property. I used to gather acorns in jars and put some out in the snow later at the base of the big tree for the squirrels in the winter time.
     Enough of this. My letter may not even reach anyone. But if it does, I'd sure like to know how the old house is today and how long youv'e lived there, etc.
Thank you,
Note: Jo did get her answer and entered into a very exciting exchange of information and photographs with Margaret Mason.

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