By Jo Cooper

     Bruce walked up the big steps to the bank. Just before he touched the door, it opened by itself. On one desk he read :"New Accounts." I'm new here, he thought. Maybe I should go there.
     "May I help you?" the lady behind the desk asked him.
     "I think so." Bruce said, digging into his pocket and bringing out five folded $1 bills. "I'd like to put this in the bank."
     "I'm eight. Is that old enough?"
     "If you can sign your name in cursive, not printing, you can start and account today. If you can just print your name, you can still have an account, but it must also have the name of one of your parents on it."
     "I can write my name. We just learned how to
do it in school this year."      The lady asked some other questions and wrote the answers on a card. Bruce signed his name on the card, too. Then the lady took his money and returned with a blue book inside a plastic case.
     Bruce hurried home. His friend Tommy was riding his bike. "Look," Bruce called, "I have my own bank account."
     "Wow!" Tommy said. "Do you think I could have one, too?"
     "Let's count the money in your piggy bank," Bruce said. "You need at least $5 to open an account."
     "I have lots of pennies and some dimes," Tommy said. The boys carefully counted the change.
     "Why don't you just keep it at home in your own bank?" Tommy Asked.
     "Because when I put it in the bank my money earns interest. By the end of one year, my $5 will have grown to more than $5.25."
     Gee, that's great!" Tommy said. "Tomorrow I'll take my money to the bank, too."
Illustrated by Anthony Rao

by Ralph S. Cooper, 12-22-07
     In 1973, Jo sold this one to Benson Enterprises for $50, but never got paid. Next, in 1974, she submitted it to Allyn and Bacon, Inc., but they refused it, politely. Then in 1976, she submitted it to Highlights for Children. They gladly accepted it and published it in the December, 1976 issue of the magazine. This was the second time she had an article published in the magazine. She was very pleased with that result.

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