Jo Cooper - 2004

By: Jo Cooper

       Last week many people were angry when Condoleeza Rice and the Bush-gang did NOT say "We're sorry" to the families of the 9/11 tragedy. Come on now, EVERYONE who is at least human, is sorry! We're sorry we bombed so many innocent people. We are sorry that so many people have been killed, both American and Iraquis, but the "should have," "would have," are another matter. Many of us disagree about the WAR, and some of us, politicians too, wish they had the solution to the horrible problems we all are facing now, not to mention the problems our grandkids will have in the future. I feel that ALL American should be sorry. We should also be ashamed for:

     a. The ignorant way some of our tourists present themselves in other countries. Treating people there as ignorant if they don't understand English, when WE don't even try to use their language in THEIR country.
     b. We haven't done more to help the terrible troubles in Africa, such as genocide and AIDS.
     c. That our BIG drug companies haven't DONATED drugs to the third world counties. Jonas Salk gave the polio vaccine to the world FREE, and he even refused to make deals with the big drug companies.
     d. That we haven't upgraded our public schools to include studying OTHER languages and current events. Even in Ethiopia and Kenya, they teach English in the schools.

     It frightens me that our 18 year olds don't even WANT to vote. How can we show other war-like countries what FREEDOM really is, when we give them so much fuel for their terrorist schools with our BAD examples.

Jo Cooper.

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